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Shah Rukh Khan ‘Very Sad’ About Media Coverage During Aryan’s Arrest, Says Paparazzo”

Famous for his unwavering dedication to his family, Shah Rukh Khan has frequently shown his love for his spouse Gauri and his three children, AbRam, Aryan, and Suhana. Now Paparazzo Varinder Chawla explains why King Khan stays away from cameras and the media.

Shah Rukh Khan finds the media attention to be “so sad.”
Varinder Chawla related an event in which he received a call from Shah Rukh Khan in an interview with Hindi Rush. He clarified that his crew saw the actor when “Pathaan” was released in 2023, but they decided not to utilize the film since it appeared aggressive.

Realizing that Shah Rukh Khan was not happy, Chawla contacted the actor’s public relations team, informing them of the video, pledging not to publish it, and expressing regret if it had violated their privacy.

He said that SRK’s manager had called him soon after his call to thank him and let him know that King Khan himself wanted to speak with him. He said that moving from following Shah Rukh’s car to getting a call from him was really weird for him.

We spoke for over five minutes,” the paparazzo remarked. I came to understand his affection for his son Aryan Khan after we spoke. I would also be upset if someone spread unfavorable rumors about my kids because I am a parent as well. We were unconcerned about his sadness and distress at the time. We never stopped griping that SRK never gives us pictures and constantly covers his face. He is furious with the media for their treatment of his son.

Shah Rukh Khan on the arrest of Aryan Khan

For my family and I, the past four or five years have been quite the roller coaster. Some of you, I’m sure, are also affected by Covid and other issues. Many experts and analysts began to write my death sentence after the majority of my films failed; some fools followed suit, which is really the same thing—analysts and fools. Actor Shah Rukh Khan commented, “Not something that I really bother about,” while being named News18’s Indian of the Year 2023.

Additionally, on a personal level, a few annoying and unpleasant things also happened, to put it mildly, which taught me to be quiet, very quiet, and work hard with dignity. He continued, breaking his silence on the difficult period in his family’s life. “When you think everything is good, and still know it in your heart when everything is good, suddenly out of nowhere, wham, life may come and hit you,” he said.

For those who don’t know, after an NCB raid on a cruise where the young man was present, Khan’s son Aryan spent a month in detention. Later, he was found not guilty.

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