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Cancer tsunami warning in India; Indians should change these habits immediately

Cancer is a rare and serious disease that affects the body. It develops when cells in the body begin to grow and divide abnormally. Smoking, cigarette and alcohol consumption, obesity, a lack of nutrition, and a lack of physical activity are the leading causes of cancer. Most tumours are treatable if diagnosed early and appropriately treated.

A well-known American cancer doctor has warned that India may face a tsunami of lethal illnesses such as cancer in the near future. He attributes this to globalisation, an expanding economy, an ageing population, and a fast increasing impoverished lifestyle among the Indian populace. He was adamant about pushing medical technology in order to avert this disaster.

Dr. Jame Abraham, Chairman, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, also stated that it is critical to accelerate illness prevention and treatment in India in order to slow the spread of dangerous diseases. Cancer vaccines, artificial intelligence, and data digital technologies must all be advanced in India.

India is in a terrible state. The Union Health Ministry announced last month that cancer diagnoses and death in the country was expected to rise between 2020 and 2022.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the expected number of cancer cases in 2020 across states and union territories was 13.92 lakh (about 14 lakh), rising to 14.26 lakh in 2021 and 14.61 lakh in 2022. The anticipated cancer death rate in India in 2020 was 7.70 lakh (about seven lakh 70 thousand), rising to 7.89 lakh in 2021 and 8.8 lakh in 2022.

In its 2020 list of new yearly cancer cases recorded, the WHO ranked India third after China and the United States.

In India, men and women are equally affected by this malignancy. According to recent statistics, the majority of incidences of mouth and lung cancer in India have been documented among men. At the same period, breast and uterine cancer were the most common cancers among women.

In India, 87 thousand women died from breast cancer in 2018. “The prevalence of cancer in India has grown dramatically in the last few years,” says Dr. Abhishek Yadav, Unit Head and Consultant, Department of Medical Oncology, Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi (Ghaziabad). Every year, 10 to 15 cancer cases are documented. Every year, 1.8 crore individuals throughout the world are diagnosed with cancer. The majority of these instances include oral cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer.

He said, “Data from the Global Cancer Observatory (GCO), Globocon, and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reveal that cases of mouth, lung, and breast cancer have grown worldwide, including in India.”

Every year, around three lakh instances of oral cancer are diagnosed in India. Following this, there are around two lakh instances of breast cancer and approximately one lakh cases of lung cancer.

Men are the most common victims of mouth and lung cancer in India, with smoking and tobacco usage being the leading causes. At the same time, women account for the majority of breast cancer casualties. These are cancer-causing agents.

According to Dr. Abhishek, “the explanation for the growth of this disease in the entire world includes issues such as incorrect eating, lifestyle, smoking, drinking, pollution, pesticide usage, and chemical-infected food.”

“The primary reasons for the growth in various forms of cancer include human papillomavirus infection (HPV), infectious illnesses like hepatitis B and C,” he explained.

These are the root causes of liver, breast, cervical, and oral cancers. Hepatitis B and C are the leading causes of liver cancer. The most common cause of oral and cervical cancer is HPV.

“Vaccination is vital to avoid viral illnesses like HPV Hepatitis B and C,” he stated, explaining how to avoid it. These are given in two dosages. Simultaneously, screening is required once a year to prevent malignancies such as breast and cervical. Elderly persons above the age of 55 must be screened once a year.

Along with this, everyone should have a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious diet and physical activity. Tobacco, drinking, and smoking should all be avoided. Men are more likely to develop cancer as a result of smoking.

Why is cancer so frightening?

Trillions of cells make up the human body. Crores of cells make form the tiniest region of the body. These cells divide and increase in response to the necessities of the body. However, cancer begins when the body’s cells begin to develop in an unregulated manner. Old and injured cells do not die, and new cells are generated even when they are not required.

These uncontrollably developing cells are so potent that they begin to damage healthy tissues and cells in the body. Cancer has the potential to spread throughout the body after being diagnosed. Cancer is a terrible and deadly disease. It is the second leading cause of mortality globally.

Breast, lung, stomach, anus, and prostate cancer are the most frequent kinds of cancer in the globe, including our country.

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