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Why is Google worried about ChatGPT?

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Google, the “search engine,” is much more than just a search engine now that it has become the point of access for many individuals to the internet. However, as artificial intelligence takes over the world, the most widely used search engine appears to be frightened. Al is causing concern among both humans and Google, who, according to a report by The New York Times, has supposedly issued a “red code” about the Al chatbot, ChatGPT.

Since its founding in 1998, Google, which at the time was merely a search engine, has taken a sizable portion of users away from other search engines, such as Yahoo, AOL, Bing, and more, as these could not keep up with the sophistication of Google search. According to the report, Google now worries that artificial intelligence will have the same effect on their search engine.

All was OK at Google up until three weeks ago, when OpenAl, an Al research organization, released their chatbot, the ChatGPT, to the public as “an experiment,” which later gained popularity for its original responses.

Since then, it has been suggested that if one can simply converse with Al and have the answer provided to them, why would anyone even use Google to search through a dozen links in search of the answer?

Leave ChatGPT, there is also DALL-E, once more of OpenAl, that can render graphics based on word prompts, and the results have stunned the world. According to analysts, Google should be concerned about more than just ChatGPT because numerous other research organizations and small businesses are developing comparable technology that is expected to displace the traditional methods of searching the internet.

Google has a very sharp tooth for Al

These “artificial intelligence” items are not absent from Google; rather, their release to the general public has been delayed. The LaMDA, Google’s chatbot, which was unveiled last year, attracted a lot of attention, in part because a Google employee declared it sentient and in part because it demonstrated how far technology had advanced.
Google has the tools necessary to defeat ChatGPT. But why doesn’t it put it into practice? According to a Google executive and voice notes obtained by the New York Times, there are some fundamental problems, particularly with how the machine learning model functions and Google’s revenue model.

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