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Why you should launch your startup in 2022

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Is launching a startup in 2022 your New Year resolution, but you are hesitant? This article contains several reasons for you to start your own business next year.

You may desire to establish your own business for a variety of reasons, such as capitalising on an opportunity or meeting a need in your community. Or you may be completely unaware of why this sensation is attracting you. That’s OK.

There is no right or incorrect reason to want to start your own business, as every motive is valid, whether you wish to escape the 9-to-5 or simply make more money.

We are passionate about motivating entrepreneurs and providing you with the resources and know-how you need to succeed. And so we’ve created a list of reasons why you should start your own business below. Consider this your explanation (or community-backed excuse) for realising your entrepreneurial passion.

Here’s why you should launch your startup in 2022.

Make More Money: It is impossible to dispute the importance of money. Unless you work on commission, your full-time income is most certainly limited. When you establish your own business, you have complete control over how much money you make. As a business owner, there is no pay ceiling. You can always make more money and grow your company.

Discover Your Purpose: Have you ever felt like you don’t have a purpose at work? Starting a business can provide wonderful meaning and purpose to your life—this is not the same as becoming a workaholic. When you discover your mission and create a business around it, you are no longer working; instead, you are fulfilling a dream. Meaning is created when freedom, pride, enthusiasm, and commitment come together to form a sense of purpose, motivation, and overwhelming worth. We can all agree that living a meaningful life is a good conclusion. And it doesn’t have to be confined to a daydream.

Control Your Schedule: When you start your own business, you may be as flexible as you want with your schedule. It’s up to you whether you want to sleep in, stay up late, work half days, or take off every Friday. The early stages of your firm will be hectic, but as you grow and learn to delegate, you’ll find yourself with more free time. You may like to immerse yourself in your work and pour your heart and soul into it; this is also possible.

You have complete control over your schedule.

Work From Anywhere: Both small enterprises and corporations frequently demand you to work in specific locations. Even “remote” policies frequently involve red tape requiring you to dwell in specified geographic zones. When you own your own business, you can work from home, a co-working space, an office, or even a neighbourhood coffee shop.

Pursue a Dream: Do something you really want to do. Pursue something that makes you happy or that you are passionate about. Do you want to pursue your ambition of becoming an artist? Take a chance and go for it. Starting your own business allows you to create fulfilment rather than searching for it. And, once you’ve arrived there, is it still “work”?

Live on the Edge: As the boss, you get to determine whether to take risks and when to take it easy. Starting a business is both thrilling and terrifying. For better or worse, when you’re totally accountable for your money, there’s a little more on the line every day. Mediocre performance is no longer acceptable, and there’s something inherently satisfying about that.

Get Out of the Rat Race: Ditch the corporate nonsense and get out of the game. For many people, starting your own business is a way to get out of the rat race. In this situation, you’re beginning a business to get away from something rather than to acquire something (money, passion, independence) (the rat race). You always have the opportunity to demonstrate that you are in charge of your life and career, not the economy, a pandemic, or the unemployment rate. Losing your work may be disastrous, so it’s no surprise that millions of people are turning to side hustles and businesses to keep their financially afloat during these unpredictable times.

Make the Rules: You will never have to be concerned about someone making poor or insensitive decisions that will harm you. However, you are now in a situation where you must shoulder all of the burden. It can be a difficult burden to carry, but it is one that must be done.

Build Your Own Career: Instead of having your manager or human resources team tell you where you should go, chart your own path. Sure, you’ll start at the top (hello, CEO), but you can change your path as time goes on. For example, you may elect to delegate day-to-day operations to a manager, or you may hire a CEO to run your company while you focus on a role that interests you more.

Because You Want To: Your desire to launch your own startup is a good enough reason. Otherwise you wouldn’t have included it in your New Year resolutions. Never underestimate the power of simply wanting to start your own business, as the whole universe comes to the help of those who strongly desire something.

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