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Woman Purchases 3 Houses In Italy For Just ₹270, Plans To Renovate Them

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Undoubtedly, there is no better place than home in this world but owning a house is not an easy thing considering the fact that the rates of properties are touching the sky.

However, a woman from California, USA, has bought three houses in Italy for just $3.30 (Rs. 270 approximately) and this seems to be the deal of the lifetime but there is a twist in this deal. All these three houses are in Mussomeli, a small village of Italy and they were abandoned when she bought them in 2019.

The name of the woman is Rubia Daniels and she said in a conversation that she was excited after she came to know about these low-cost properties. She added, “I did my research, and within three days I had my plane ticket, a rental car, and the hotel, and I left.”

Rubia bought each house for $1.10 (Rs. 90) after touring the area for around 10 days and currently the houses are getting renovated as she has different plans for each house. She says that she will use the first house as her residence whenever she will visit the village.

Rubia further states that second building will be converted into an art gallery while the third house will be converted into a wellness center which she terms as her biggest renovation.

Earlier also, abandoned houses have been sold in small villages of Italy in an attempt restore these villages. Are you interested in buying such houses?

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