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World Heart Day: Take care of your heart health with EASYCARE BP Monitor with ECG

Every year the whole world celebrates 29th September as World Heart Day and its aim is to create awareness among the public in regard to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and how people can save them from it. In 1999, the World Heart Federation decided to celebrate September 29 as World Heart Day in order to initiate a global awareness campaign about CVD. Every year the World Heart Federation comes up with a new theme to celebrate this day and this year it is asking the world to “Use Heart to Connect”.

The diseases related to the heart are becoming quite common in the present times and what is more worrying is the fact that earlier old people above the age of 50 or 60 years used to suffer from heart diseases but nowadays even 30 years old young Indians are losing their lives to heart attack or heart-related diseases.

The seriousness of CVD can be understood by the fact that it is on the top spot in terms of taking lives as every year around 18.6 million people succumb to CVD. The lives of CVD patients have become tougher in the times of the coronavirus pandemic and its high time that we take some concrete precautions to save ourselves from it.

Causes of CVD or heart attack, especially in young people:

Many of us are not able to lead a healthy lifestyle due to hectic work schedules; we sleep late at night which has a negative effect on our biological clock. Lack of physical exercise and proper sleep, unhealthy diet, bad habits such as smoking, and diseases like diabetes and hypertension increase the chances of heart attack or CVD.


We should try to live a healthy lifestyle and make a healthy diet a part of our daily lives. Monitoring blood pressure and diabetes at regular intervals can further help. If we talk about India, 1 out of 5 adults is suffering either from diabetes or high blood pressure so it is highly recommended to have a blood pressure machine with ECG function and a blood glucose meter at home, especially in the times of COVID-19.

There are many brands in the market that can provide BP monitoring devices but it’s highly recommended to have a blood pressure machine with an ECG recording facility. EASYCARE is one of the most trusted brands engaged in healthcare & surgical distribution in India. Over the years, it has earned the reputation of a brand that is dedicated to the welfare of people by providing them with products that help in maintaining good health.

Worried About Your Heart?

Bring EASYCARE BP Monitor with ECG Function Home & Live Life Tension-Free.

EASYCARE Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG function (EC9990) gives hospital accuracy results.

1. This compact and fully automatic device is one of its kind in India and along with blood pressure monitoring, it also records irregular heartbeats with complete ECG functions.

2. The large monitor makes it easy to note the readings plus this device is quite easy to use as with one-touch operation, it gives reliable blood pressure levels and indicates hypertension too.

3. The user can connect it with a phone or Ipad as it is a Bluetooth-enabled device.

4. There is nothing to doubt about this product as it is ISO 9001 CE and FDA certified.

EASYCARE also offers a self-monitoring talking blood glucose meter which has made it easy for everyone to check their blood glucose levels while sitting at home.

1. This device takes only 5 seconds in giving the reading on a large LCD screen after the user puts a drop of blood at the tip of the strip. Not only this, it enables the user to hear the results as well.

2. The monitoring and tracking are quite easy as the device stores 480 results along with the date and time.

3. The device also indicates the high or low blood glucose patterns.

Both the devices can be obtained on the website of EASYCARE along with e-commerce sites and buying them is certainly one of the best investments to stay healthy. So, on World Heart Day, let us take a pledge that we will do all the recommended things and inculcate good habits to take good care of our hearts!

Website: easycareglobal.com

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