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Worried About Your Heart? Bring EASYCARE’s BP Monitor with ECG Device Home & Live Tension-free

The sudden demise of TV and Bollywood actor Sidharth Shukla has left everyone in a state of shock and grief and the big question that everyone is asking is how it is possible that a 40 years old man whose fitness levels were quite high succumbed to cardiac arrest. This incident has made people face the reality of the present times as per which the young Indians are also vulnerable to heart diseases. The findings of a study suggest that it is not just people below the age of 40-50 yrs but also those who are in their 20s and 30s are suffering from heart diseases.

As per the Indian Heart Association, 50% of all the heart attacks in Indian males occur in those who are under the age of 50 yrs and 25% of all the heart attacks in Indian males occur below the age of 40 yrs. This data is more than enough to make us understand that the situation is already very grim.

Every year, September 29 is celebrated as World Heart Day and the theme of this year is “Use Heart To Connect”. Let us increase our awareness about heart diseases on this day so that we can keep our hearts healthy and ensure that we live a good and long life.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

Some common symptoms of heart failure are pain in the chest, problems in breathing, nausea, feeling tired, constant coughing or wheezing, high heart rate, and lack of hunger.

Why are young Indians more prone to heart attacks?

The young Indians are becoming more vulnerable to heart attacks or heart diseases because the number of youngsters suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) or diabetes is increasing at a very high rate. Unhealthy eating habits also contribute largely as eating out is quite common among the youngsters and junk food that they eat outside is fatty, oily, sugary, and salty which results in obesity and increases the risk of diabetes. Many young Indians work at night because of which they can’t sleep at nighttime that has a negative effect on the timings of their waking up and this makes it difficult for them to exercise regularly. Other than smoking and alcohol consumption, a young person may also suffer from heart diseases if there is a history of heart problems in his family. The last but not the least, stress also contributes a lot to increase the chances of heart problems and in times of the pandemic, stress is all-time high so we need to be very careful.

Prevention and solution

The best way to save ourselves from heart problems is to eat healthy diet, take proper sleep, exercise regularly, maintain weight, not to indulge in smoking and alcohol consumption and try not to take stress. If a person is also suffering from hypertension or diabetes then he should monitor his blood pressure/blood glucose levels on a regular basis. Having a blood pressure measuring machine and blood glucose meter at home will be of really great help in such a scenario.

There are quite a few brands in the market from which you can buy these devices but it is highly recommended to buy it from the brand that provides the best product as it is concerned with your health. EASYCARE is leading healthcare & surgical distribution supplier in India and since 1994, it has been providing clients with some quality products which are helping them in maintaining their health.

EASYCARE is providing its customers with a Blood Pressure Monitor with ECG function (EC9990) and this product is the first of its kind in India. The device can be used for measuring blood pressure, pulse rate and also for recording the ECG for 30 seconds approx.

The products are available on all leading e-commerce platforms

Website: www.easycareglobal.com


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