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World’s Most Expensive Ice-Cream Costs ₹5.2 Lakh & We Wonder Why

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Have a look at the world’s costliest ice-cream that will burn a hole in your pocket

The temperature is soaring high in the summer season and in this type of climate, one thing that we can’t say no to is ice-cream. The best part about ice-cream is that it comes in different flavors and a person has the option to choose his favorite flavor while combating the summer heat.

However, there is one ice-cream which everyone will like to taste but very few will be able to afford it in reality. We are talking about an ice-cream which is prepared by a Japanese company Cellato and it is the most expensive ice-cream of the world as it costs around 873,400 Japanese Yen (approximately ₹5.2 lakh).

As per the Guinness World Records, Cellato has created this exotic and extraordinary treat in a bid to register its name in the book of world records. The ingredients used in this ice-cream are obviously very expensive which include white truffle that is obtained from Alba, Italy and it costs around 2 million Japanese Yen and other ingredients include Sake lees and Parmigiano Reggiano.

This is what a representative from Cellato said to Guinness World Records, “It took us over 1.5 years to develop, with a lot of trials and errors to get the taste right. Achieving a Guinness World Records title made the effort all worth it.”

Here is the video which was posted by Guinness World Records:

Are you ready to spend ₹5 lakh for this ice-cream?

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