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You can now create AI-powered stories with Microsoft Bing’s new tool

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Users will be able to create AI-powered stories using a new tool that Bing is offering. This will provide the users of with various options to obtain brief information in text, image, video, and audio forms.

Microsoft has increased the number of turns for its AI-powered Bing Chat service once more, allowing customers a maximum of 30 chats each session and 300 interactions per day.

The tech company has been progressively raising the chatbot’s limit in recent months in an effort to make it more useful. When the utility was first released, Windows Central stated that the business had not set any usage restrictions. The tool’s initial lack of restrictions was only temporary, as multiple users soon began to report instances when it gave harsh or inaccurate replies.

This revelation regarding the higher conversation restrictions has been issued over a month after Microsoft made Bing conversation accessible as an open preview for consumers to test. In the near future, Microsoft is anticipated to increase this restriction in order to improve the chatbot’s user experience.

As it incorporates more GPT-driven features into its products, Microsoft included “AI-generated stories” for a select number of user searches on its Bing search engine in March.

According to a statement from the firm, Bing will let users build tales that are AI-generated and provide several ways for people to consume “bite-sized information” in text, image, video, and audio formats.

The AI-powered stories on Bing are similar to those that are frequently seen on social networking sites like Instagram or Snapchat.

Nitin Gohil
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