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Friday, December 2, 2022

YSCL league becomes the first league to pay its players in cryptocurrency-EmoCoin

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A significant collaboration between the blockchain cryptocurrency economy and the sports industry in India was witnessed when the recently launched YSCL (Young Stars Cricket League) partnered with a blockchain project -Emocoin. The new age cryptocurrency freshly got listed on an exchange called Crex24 and launched in January 2022.

As a major sponsor of the YSCL Champion league’s inaugural edition, Emocoin blockchain technology plans to offer remittance payments, exchanges, & trading, for a potential client. With this alliance, the YSCL league becomes the first to pay its players in cryptocurrency. However, before the transfer was made to the players, it was ensured by the Emo giants to educate each individual about the crypto market and the benefits of EMOcoin cryptocurrency.

Emocoin Crypto digital currency or online currency works as a medium of exchange. Unlike RBI issued currency, it does not exist in physical form and is not issued by any government authority. Its works directly between two individuals without costly intermediaries such as banks. Emocoin is said to be a super protective and highly maintained cryptocurrency to invest and deal in. Using the cryptocurrency will enable consumers to buy endless items that an individual needs in a day-to-day life, including Crypto Wallets, Web Browser, Currency Swap/ Exchange, Staking, Payment Gateways, Advances, Retails, Medical care and some more.

Talking to the media, the Marketing head of Emo coin Mr Sachin Sharma remarked, “The objective of paying players in digital currency is to make people aware of the powers that the Emocoin ecosystem brings into their lives. The empowerment that an individual’s gets in Decentralized Economy, and the ease of purchasing the products and services will bring credibility, safety, and agility in transactions globally. He also added that the they are working continuously for innovation and development to strengthen the demand of the digital currency by introducing projects such as Emopay, Emobank, Emovase, Emogames, and Emoshop. As a result, the demand and price of Emocoin will rise as if you wish to use any of the above-mentioned services.”

Emocoin is the true democratization of Digital Currency which will empower individuals to participate in a Decentralized Economy enabling people and businesses to conduct trust-less, anonymous and secure transactions globally. The owners are hoping that by the end of June 2022, the price of the Emocoin stake will rise to Rs 25 compared to its current value of Rs 0.25.

Mr Rahul Arora, founder and Chairperson of Young Stars Cricket League, also briefed the media on the exciting collaboration of cryptocurrencies and mainstream sports. He stated, “We are already running India’s biggest cricket talent hunt platform. Moreover, our idea doesn’t stop by just locating a talent. Still, further grooming them by providing the right education in terms of technology and world-class coaching from ICC and BCCI level mentors so that these budding sportsmen can face all odds in the global arena. Thus, introducing them to this emerging cryptocurrency technology is a part of this training process. Learning and getting used to this future of money will position them better.”

The Chairperson also recounted that there were many parents present in their press meet who appreciated the concept and vision of the management.

So if you are someone who wants to be a part of this YSCL initiative as a player or as a sponsor, just visit the website and contact YSCL on www.ysclindia.com

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