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Inspiring story of NGO Sarvoham’s founder who has helped 2000 street dogs

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Haris Ali is an entrepreneur, whose mother taught him not to be cruel towards animals. He is the founder of NGO, Sarvoham, and has helped more than 2000 street dogs.

Animals cannot interact in the same way that humans can, yet they do have feelings and are living things. Nonetheless, humans frequently mistreat animals, particularly street dogs. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we are humans in many situations, we do not demonstrate much humanity.

On the contrary, there are numerous examples of animals assisting humans and coexisting peacefully. Some people are kind enough to treat and assist animals. The story of the day is about a man who used his savings to help over 2000 street dogs

 Haris Ali is a young entrepreneur from Bangalore. He had a deep affection for animals since he was a child. His mother instilled in him the importance of being gentle with animals. He recalls making biscuits as a child and feeding them to street dogs and pups.

Haris said, “I still recall that one day there was a lot of disturbance in the neighborhood. A street dog had jumped on a young lady. People murdered the street dog because they thought he was insane. I was only ten years old and powerless to change the situation. But it had a profound effect on me.”

Haris’ affection and sensitivity for animals grew significantly as he approached his adolescence. To help animals, he joined a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and rescue organizations. Whenever he learned of a street dog in need, he did everything in his power to assist that animal.

Despite the fact that he had never considered starting his own NGO prior to that point. However, an occurrence also provided him with this vision.

Haris put an end to a street dog’s misery on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2016. Instead of sympathizing with the dog’s plight, most people pushed him off the street.

Haris Ali felt sorry for the street dog and contacted an NGO. However, no one arrived to save the dog, and Haris recognized that if he did not act quickly, the street dog would perish. As a result, Haris transported the dog to a private hospital for treatment. He took her home after the therapy and named her Whity. Whity died two months later as a result of canine distemper.

Haris kept assisting the street dogs. Following Whity’s death, he became more involved in assisting street dogs. People began approaching him anytime there was a dog in need. Haris took them to a private hospital and paid for their treatment out of his own cash. Following the treatment, he attempted to find acceptable homes for the dogs and kept several at his residence. He spent about 6000 rupees on the care of street dogs.

The number of canines requiring care and treatment increased with time. When he approached non-profit organizations, several of them declined to take in dogs owing to a shortage of space. No one was even taking them in on a temporary basis.

Haris Ali recognized the need for his own NGO to assist these destitute street canines. He founded the Sarvoham Trust to treat and shelter street dogs. He has aided approximately 2000 dogs found on streets to date.

Haris said, “Animals cannot convey their sufferings. Even if they are in pain, they must endure. As humans, we owe it to them to assist them. The very least we can do is be nice to them.”

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