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10 year old Kerala girl Saanvi is making history in the cooking industry with 33 dishes

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Saanvi is just ten but she made it in the Asia book of world record with her cooking skills. Find out the journey of a little girl of being able to cook 33 dishes in one hour.

Cooking skills are great because they help survive well. Nevertheless, Saanvi from Ernakulam, Kerala had made it a record to prepare more than 33 dishes just in less than an hour. This created this wonderful record by her outstanding cooking skills. She has proved the fact that there is no lack of ample talent in every nook and corner in India. Amazingly, she is an expert in spelling competitions and chess competitions as well.

Learning of cooking skills

Saanvi is in the new because of her great cooking skill and a new record of making 33 dishes just in the short timing of an hour. She is a record that has been done by any ten-year-old girl. Her name comes in the Asia book of records and India book of records because of her outstanding skills. She has prepared the dishes with some of the most famous items of India kitchen like idli, waffle, corn fritters, mushroom tikka, uttapam, paneer tikka, egg bull’s eye, sandwich, papdi chaat, fried rice, chicken roast, pancake, appam, and so on.

Family background and cooking  

Saanvi M Prajit has a wonderful family background. Her father is a wing Commander of Indian Air force Prajit babu. To set the record she did this event online and all the things were done at her place in Visakhapatnam. There were two gazette officers were there to measure and watch her perform live. In front of the officer, she conducted everything successfully and prepared 33 dishes.

Her mother further added that Saanvi always has a great passion for working in the kitchen. She started cooking at her very early age and got familiar with everything. She always took interest and saw her parents and grandparents working in the kitchen. This childhood activity made her more curious about cooking methods and techniques. With the passing of every day she started taking more interesting and helping her parents and grandparents in the cooking-related work. This works well for her and she thought about doing something extraordinary. Her parents were also amazed about her this passion and they recognized her talent and better nourished it.

Extraordinary talent

Most of the children of her age hardly know anything about the cooking but she has nailed it perfectly with the outstanding talent and dedication for her passion for cooking. Preparing the 33 dishes in just one hour was not an easy task and she has worked in this context as well. Everyone has a role model in her life and in the list of Saanvi, her mother is a role model for her. She is a successful chef and has also taken part in the cookery show. She stood among the final chef in the cookery show and now she is living her dream in her daughter.

Supportive family

Saanvi states that her mother has inspired her lot to do something in her life. After knowing about the story of her mother, she was greatly moved and decided to do something that can make her parents proud. Now she is also running her own youtube channel and working as an inspiration for several people every day through her YouTube channel. Now everyone in the world is well aware of the outstanding skills of the Saanvi and her great record of making 33 dishes. We do hope that in the coming future she will do more and make every amazed with her skills.

Saanvi has proven the fact that age and other things do not matter at all. The only thing that you should have is passion and determination to do something in life.


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