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These business visionary entrepreneurs who explored their hidden talent

In developing India there are business visionary individuals who are now experimenting with new ideas to earn an income, at low capital investment and almost-zero recurring cost.

This festival, we are giving an account of about five people from different parts of the country who took on hardship/challenges and emerged with flying colours.

We explored the country to find self-made success stories who turned pressure into purposes and ended up turning successful business visionary, who had little going for them in the onset, except their belief in themselves and their mission. Age particularly playing no bar for them. Most of these Entrepreneurs had limited benefits by way of family wealth, elite education or group networks.

Shravan and Sanjay

Meet these siblings aged seventeen and fifteen respectively in 2017,They are the youngest future entrepreneurs of India and the founders & CEO of Go Dimensions, an Application Development unit which the boys visioned from their bedroom in Chennai.

This new business visionary startup aims to develop an easy technological answer for the digital world. They’re the youngest Mobile Application Developers in India. Once asked regarding how they managed to attain this innovative vision, the brothers responded by the expression “reading books and finding the issues given to them”. These 2 develop applications for each, android in addition to IOS platforms. The dynamic pair has already developed eleven apps that have nearly 60000 plus downloads across sixty countries! In the year 2017, Sharvan and Sanjay have listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 business visionaries.

Indrajeet Singh

Now meet the founder of iQuanta another business visionary of Young India who hails from Bihar. He has become famous in the Education Industry. He has propelled many from being a humble community guy to turning into an efficient business visionary. His progressive thoughts and capacity to tackle a complex Quant issue named him ‘Wizard of Quant’. He began a simple start and now he is the CEO of an effective online CAT Preparation behemoth.

Being a competition exam aspirant himself, he comprehended the situation of students and subsequently thought of the progressive thought of iQuanta 3 years back. He started little, by noting inquiries and helping pupils and later established iQuanta. He is a talented mathematician and has stunned numerous with his capacity to tackle complex Quant issues without using even a Pen or a Paper. He used this gift to teach the applicants of CAT Aspirants and equip them with alternate ways, material and the correct direction to undergo the doors of reputed B-Schools.

King Siddarth

Meet designer, public & Ted speaker and builder, Siddartha business visionary who has set himself apart from the rest of the world. Fondly called King Siddarth, he launched an online magazine called ‘Friendz‘ and in 2013, within four years, this magazine progressed 10,000 readers. Further, he joined the Instamojo founding team. Siddarth is now the head of its product design. Presently, Instamojo serves 3 lakh SMEs. Within no time he was labelled as one of India’s upcoming young entrepreneurs. Although being a college dropout himself, he started his business visions by organizing small competitions and earning from its fees. Today, Sidharth oversee conferences called Createens that give inexperienced students an outlet to understand about blogging, entrepreneurship, etc.

Mushroom Entrepreneur Anita Devi

From a poor town lady to the mushroom farmer and effective business visionary, Anita Devi has motivated many ladies in Nalanda to embrace the gainful undertaking of mushroom cultivation. The winter chill in Bihar brings out grins on Anita Devi’s face since it would assist her with developing more natural mushrooms alongside many other ladies in Anantpur and 10 neighbouring towns in Nalanda area. By taking to mushroom cultivating remarkably high, Anita has, in the same way as other poor ladies in the region, guaranteed a consistent income for her family.

These all-women mushroom farmers are currently respected for attaining self-reliant and have added to change the financial state of their families to improve livelihood. “Mushroom cultivating has not just engaged me and many other ladies, it has offered a lift to our rural economy,” Anita, in her late 40s and talking like a leader in her office neighbouring her home.

Sameera’s Brownie Stories

Lockdown may have stopped many ventures but some have turned the tables for them in this crisis. 28-year-old Sameera Kumar is one of them. A few months ago Sameera was known as a dance & Yoga teacher working in Bengaluru. The lockdown made her profession cone to a standstill. But this girl had a hidden business visionary in her. She started exploring her culinary skills in Baking. Years ago she used to sell her homemade brownies for fun. But now she had started a venture called Brownie Stories which offers a wide range of choices for foodies including fudgy brownies with chocolate ganache, sea salt, dark chocolate brownies, etc. She started by taking orders on Instagram and has collaborations with a delivery app to sell across her delicious desserts in the city.


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