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Abhay Bishnoi earns lacs in super mushrooms biz after he failed UPSC

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Abhay Bishnoi founded J B Capital with his pals, after losing his job and failing to pass competitive tests. The business was established to cultivate the cordyceps militaris mushroom type, which has a slew of medicinal benefit.

Abhay Bishnoi from Rajasthan joined a Noida-based private firm in 2013 after obtaining his engineering degree.

However, after a year on the job, he learned that his salary and opportunities for professional progress were both inadequate.

Abhay chose to take competitive examinations in order to further his career.

Abhay says he quit his job and started studying for the UPSC, other government services, and banking, but he failed in all of them.

A conversation with childhood friends Manish and Sandeep revealed to him that he was not alone in his displeasure with his career path; the other two were also unsatisfied with theirs.

During this discussion, someone mentioned “mushroom farming,” Abhay recalled.

Abhay and his friends learned from a friend in the UK that the cordyceps militaris, also called the super mushroom, may be used as a health supplement and has many benefits, he says

Among these benefits include immune-boosting, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-viral, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

 Abhay explains, “The cordyceps militaris mushroom is employed by businesses, researchers, and individuals alike. It’s exceedingly uncommon and worth a lot of money. A kilo may bring between Rs 1.5 and Rs 2 lakh.”

He adds that the group thought the mushrooms might be a viable business approach.

“These mushrooms are cultivated in controlled environments.”

If they can be grown in the United Kingdom, they can be grown everywhere in the globe.

“All we had to do was establish the right circumstances for the variety to develop,” he explains.

The companions researched the variety and its commercial potential in India.

“We learned about Divya Rawat, who lives in Nainital and is well-known for his mushroom growing.”

Researching YouTube, also helped Abhay and his friends obtain input from all across the world, he says.

Dry mushrooms can be used as tea by soaking them in hot water for ten minutes and then drinking them on an empty stomach. The boiling mushroom is edible.

Sandeep goes on to state that after completing their training, they decided to establish J B Capital.

Initially, Abhay and his friends planned to create the farm near Nainital because of the favourable weather conditions However, because to a lack of funds and logistics, they ecided to build a 2,500 square foot facility in Rajasthan.

Leasing the land cost less money. Through the starting plan, they received Rs 12 lakh from family and the government.

Despite an optimistic start, the three business partners rapidly ran into problems.

Abhay and his friends started with 1,200 jars and ended up losing them all, but they did not give up and resolved to try again.

After learning from their mistakes, they ultimately achieved success in cultivating the required quality and quantity of food.

According to them, the firm currently makes Rs 6 lakh in quarterly income.

Abhay says, “We grow around 8 kilogrammes of mushroom and sell it for Rs 1.5-2 million per kilo under the Cordymine brand.”

J B Capital has 200 clients from Rajasthan, as well as a few from Punjab, he says. The company has lately expanded its online presence on sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and others.  


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