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Emerging wellness startups- Jogani Wellness Rises To Fame By Modernising Traditional Wellness Industry

The global wellness market is rising post covid, and Indian start-up companies are not leaving a stone unturned to grab a huge share of the pie in this segment. The purpose is to help people across the globe to have a better life by introducing natural organic procedures and devices based on the principles of ancient wellness remedies. Jogani Wellness, a Mumbai-based startup, is trying to make a significant mark in this emerging sector by restabilizing our ancient wellness literature into a modernized version. The alternative therapy center recently got featured in Doordarshan News for revolutionizes traditional Indian wellness remedies for a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of Jogani Wellness is also in accord with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi- the need of the hour is to educate people about the importance of yoga, meditation, and a natural way of living, to build a healthy India. The efforts, tactics, and devices crafted by Jogani Wellness have been well received both on the national and international front. The company has witnessed early success. The enterprise has also created more than 50 different wellness products based on traditional wellness therapies. Out of which 16 have already received Indian patents, whereas more than 40 product ideas are still pending for patent. However, the company got recognition as a Healthcare Technology Company from DIPP, the Government of India.

According to Mr. Mahesh Jogani, the founder of Jogani Wellness,” We have revamped the ancient traditional remedies developed thousands of years ago by modernizing as per present lifestyles.” The expert research engineer and visionary entrepreneur educate us further- “The idea is to modernize these different time-honoured wellness therapies and equipment required rigorous research and development. the outcome has been overwhelming as these initiatives are able to relax, detox, and rejuvenate people well within the peripherals our busy and modern life.”

Talking about the holistic wellness therapies based on fundamentals like earthing through natural crystals, reflexology, reiki, music, art, etc., focus on the user’s subconscious mind. For instance, using principles of Ayurveda, traditional acupressure using natural crystals, and modern science, an innovative device such as ANT 8978, launched by Jogani Wellness, detoxifies the body and helps alleviate muscle pain naturally. People don’t required to spare time and money to visit wellness resorts Instead, they can sit in the comfort of their home to use these products.

Additionally, the positive vibes created through sound and different frequencies are widely accepted facts. Music provides relaxation, heal and warmth to the soul. The smart therapy device (ANT8975) offers immediate relaxation to the mind and reduces all negative energy immediately. Working professionals and urban living stress can be the target users for such kinds of products.

Products that can cater to wellness segments such as Pranik healing and Reiki may use divine mineral crystals to clean the aura, chakra, and several other therapeutic practices. These crystals are hand mined and handpicked by experts from different ranges of the holy Himalayas which are residues  of the primal ocean. These crystals  are then bio engineered to be used as a healing device without tampering with its natural abilities.Healers community has  well appreciated Jogani Wellness Healing crystals for their patients across the globe.

The current pandemic had taught us a lesson that immunity is vital key to fight disease and natural therapies has potential to help humanity . To cater to the needs of people, the benefits of ancient health practices are no less important. This is now a widely accepted global fact. Indian ancient wellness therapies are the oldest and unique in the world. It is based on a treatment by natural organic procedures. It has helped people to have a better and healthy life for thousands of years. The therapy principle was based on the fact that wellness is closely connected with mother earth and living in harmony with our environment. This traditional healing approach nourishes our body, soul, and mind. Hence if we get the opportunity to heal ourselves with these revolutionary wellness remedies from the comforts of our home, it’s nothing but a blessing. www.joganiwellness.com

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