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Ankita Ajay published her first psycho thriller book at the age of 12

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Ankita Ajay started writing at the age of eight. She is now 12 years old and has published her first psychological thriller book.

12-year-old Ankita Ajay says she began reading at a young age and has always been drawn to psychology, mystery, and crime.

It’s no surprise, then, that when she decided to write a book, she chose a psychological thriller.

Her first novel, The Whitest of Roses, was recently published, making her one of the youngest Indian authors with a book in the Psychological Thriller category.

The seventh-grade kid, who was born and raised in the UAE, where her father used to work, recently returned to the family’s village in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta District.

The Whitest of Roses is set in 1960s America. It follows the story of Belladonna Blanchet, who is born to a mother who suffers from sadness and hallucination and a father who is plagued by aggression and addiction. Little Belladonna’s life has been as terrible as it gets.

Belladonna is spirited away to France by a ferocious woman claiming to be her grandmother due to an almost magical coincidence. Belladonna’s journey begins in a run-down apartment and finishes late at night in a tranquil neighborhood, leaving a trail of blood in her wake.

Ankita recently discussed her book and her path to becoming a published author.

She said, “I have always had an inclination for writing because it frees me and is my preferred means of communicating my feelings and interests. My interest in human psychology arises from a desire to understand why people react the way they do.

Diverse people have different attitudes and exhibit various emotions in various situations. So, everyone’s minds are different, and I find this difference tremendously intriguing.”

The story takes place in a nation Ankita has never visited and in a time when the world was very different.

She stated, “I used to watch a lot of criminal thriller serials and read a lot of books on the subject. The majority of these were situated in the United States, so I was inspired by them when I began crafting the plot of ‘The Whitest of Roses’.”

Ankita Ajay, who began writing at the age of eight with short stories and poems, honed her craft over the next few years. Even Ankita’s first published work is built as a backstory to a short narrative she wrote.

She explained, “I began writing this book in November 2021 and finished it in January 2022. I tried to make it as unique as possible. I put a lot of effort into creating the ideas, and when it was finished, I was convinced that readers would appreciate it if it could be published.”

Ankita, on the other hand, confesses that it was not easy.

She said, “One of the primary obstacles I had while writing was writer’s block. It was difficult for me to concentrate on writing, and I was easily sidetracked. As a result, I attempted to alleviate this issue by listening to music while writing. I even went so far as to build a Spotify playlist that I solely listened to while writing. However, this resulted in a larger issue. I’d write so passionately while listening to music that I’d frequently overlook words in between. I enjoy reading thrillers, psychological thrillers, crime books, and other genres. I enjoy books that deal with horrific subjects. I wanted to compose something similar, something that would shock and frighten people.”

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