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“Road to Success” A ten mantra Guide by Ratan Tata

Everyone wants to taste success in life. Success doesn’t come easily. It needs commitment, dedication, vision, hard work and the proper approach. With success comes name, fame and popularity. It motivates us in life.

Everyone hopes and work for success and always aspire to take the right steps in life to achieve the same. One needs to seek, one’s goals with all genuineness and enthusiasm. One should be consistent and positive in one’s belief. The absence of such an approach prompts a feeling of deficiency which is a major obstacle on the way to progress. Time is additionally an integral factor for success. Lives of extraordinary Successful men are examples of this. They had every one of these characteristics in abundance which helped them climb to the pinnacle of progress.

Hard work is one of the necessities of success. There is no alternative to hard work. Only it can take one to the peak of success.  Success is a mixture of five percent motivation and 95 percent hard work. It is patience, imagination and determination which assume a positive part in making growth. Setbacks and failures are part of success as they are like stones which polish to transform us to shine like a diamond. Moreover, the road to success becomes a little easier if we are guided by someone to had an experience of a lifetime.

It is obvious that there are a few distinct strategies to be successful in life but the million-dollar question is what abilities one should develop in oneself, or to take who’s advice, so as assume to excel in whatever one does. The ablest response to this analysis can be given by somebody who has tested both rough and stressful situations and came out with inspirational stories.

We are talking about none other than Mr. Ratan Tata, the man behind a gigantic business domain. He has a lot to teach to young entrepreneurs. All we need is to read and use his tips to our advantage.

The Indian industrialist, former chairman of Tata Group and philanthropist lays down ten life changing tips for us. He says-

Evaluate YourselfMr. Ratan Tata lays stress on the SWAT analysis. Identify your strengths and pick the opportunities and challenges accordingly. Look around you to evaluate favorable conditions and the eligibility of your foreseen task as nobody knows you, better than you.

Have faith in Yourself–  To move forward one needs to believe in oneself. Accept what you are, and be courageous to accept the reality. Push yourself to that extent so that it makes you tough enough to face day to day obstacles.

Be Humble to fellow beings- It doesn’t matter how wealthy and powerful you are. What matters and always make you stand apart in the league is your character & personality. Your humbleness towards each and everyone you meet in your life. It is a very important aspect of being successful in life.

Treat Each of your work with Equal Respect There is nothing small or big. Each type of job is an assignment that you should complete with the same dedication. No work is small. For example – Mr. Ratan Tata himself shove in coal and limestone, in a blast furnace, even after possessing a degree. It was his first job.

Face challenges Be prepared to face hardships and challenging circumstances. Don’t run away from them. Face them with courage and with a belief that you can do it. Every problem has a solution.

Aim big- make your dreams grow. Don’t be stagnant in life. The road to success is never-ending.

Keep moving every day Do something every day. Make each day count. Or else we have to later regret the lost time. Moving forward will measure the long distance once we look back in life, says Mr. Ratan Tata.

Build trust Trust is an invaluable asset for any businessman. Trust from customer build brand loyalty and trust from employees build great human resource. This is an important component of a successful business endeavor.

Be unique- The famous businessman strives for being unique in your smart way. Don’t be just be a part of the crowd. Differentiate yourself. Try to be a commoner but with a characteristic of popularity. Everybody has an X factor in themselves. Try to bring out that.

Go with the flow– Even in a difficult and challenging situation, don’t panic. Complete the task and face the problems. Success is hidden in those challenges.


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