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Woman Demands Refund From Wedding Photographer After Divorce, See Viral WA Chat

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Woman contacts wedding photographer and asks him for full refund after 4 years of her marriage as she got divorced from her husband. Photographer shares hilarious conversation

Clicking photos is one of the best ways to keep our memories alive, especially of special occasions such as marriage, house-warming parties, first birthday of the kid, etc. but have you ever heard about anyone asking for refund from a photographer after he clicked the photos and gave it to the client.

An interesting incident has come into light on the social media platforms as Lance Romeo, a wedding photographer, covered a wedding 4 years back in 2019 in Durban, South Africa, but recently he was contacted by the woman (bride) who asked for refund citing divorce as the reason.

The woman says that she needs a refund because now those photos are useless for her and her ex-hubby. In the beginning, Lance Romeo felt that she was playing a prank on him but he understood that she was serious when she told Romeo that her lawyer would contact her. She also gave an option to Lance of refunding 70 percent and also expressed her desire to meet the photographer in person in order to discuss this issue.

Lance posted the WhatsApp screenshots on his Twitter account which went viral in no time, here are the screenshots:

As the chat went viral on internet, the husband who actually paid Lance Romeo for photography services contacted him and apologized for whatever happened.

The lawyer of the woman also contacted Lance Romeo but he was laughing all the time on his client.

Have you ever heard about any such incident? Do share with us.

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