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Air Fryer Cancer Controversy Hits Headlines Worldwide

You could already own an air fryer if you enjoy cooking healthfully and want to stay away from the excess oil that goes into...

Breast cancer in India: Factors responsible for increasing cases of the malignant disease

The Global Cancer Observatory under the World Health Organization, GLOBOCAN, reports that breast cancer is the most frequent cancer worldwide. In 2022, India recorded...

Know why Liver Health matters on World Liver Day

Our bodies are amazing machines that perform countless tasks every minute so that we stay alive. The silent hero liver is essential to this complicated...

12 Simple Tips to Take Care Of Your Gut for Optimal Health

We often neglect our health because of our busy lives. But our overall health may suffer if we ignore our gut or intestines. The theories...
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Ginger: The Common Kitchen Ingredient with Powerful Health Benefits

Ginger, the hidden gem of most kitchens, is not just flavorful. It has been utilized as medicine for centuries by numerous cultures. Ginger has...

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