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Social media platform for the social services and how 22 year old Komal Dixit nailed it

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To start with, Most of the time girls are considered physically soft. They are encouraged to live in the four walls but our super girl Komal Dixit from Haryana has proved it entirely wrong. She believes in the fact that girls can do anything. She never thinks that a lack of chances or less confidence can be a barrier to live the life you always dream. She is using social media platforms to help other girls.

Social media platform and girls

Secondly, Girls should think out of the box, live for their dream. Komal Dixit has proved it herself to set an example for every girl. She is just 22.But through her remarkable work for society, she has earned a great reputation. Which most people cannot even earn in their whole life. Besides, it makes her quite different from ordinary girls. Furthermore, she has proved the unity of the girls on the social media platform can also help others.

Awareness on social media platforms for girls

In addition, Komal is working towards the awareness of modern girls. She is telling about the unlimited opportunities that are available for them through her right efforts. Next, she working with a positive attitude to make other girls realize that they can live a wonderful life on their own conditions and have vibes that are more positive in their lives. Yet, Komal herself is a student of the M.Sc. She is working with her studies for the betterment of the society. Still, she is ready to bring a positive change in every girl’s life with her mission on the social media platform.

Huge response of females

Fourthly, you will be amazed to know that more than 700k girls are there in the Classy womenn Instagram page. Further, it has become the largest platform for the girls to present their ideas and make others aware of life. Earlier it was started for the girl students but now women for every part of the world. Girls from every sector have joined this page to inspire others and tell their stories. As a result, the member includes many well-established celebrities as well who wanted to do something for the women empowerment and gender equality in society. Now they have an official website classywomen.in. She is using social media platforms as a resource to help girls to live a more meaningful life.

Bringing back positive attitude

Moreover, Komal has a very positive attitude towards the use of social media. Further, she says that if you are working for the betterment of the others, there will be many opportunities available. You will tend to grow faster when you are working for others. Hence, she encourages girls to be strong. In addition, fight for their rights and live a good life. She is always ready to help and inspire other girls to achieve their individual goals in life as well. Komal has helped several girls and continuing to help others through the social media platform.

Never give up

To conclude with, through her website, she is helping many women by guiding them in the right direction. She is telling them that how they can transform their lives. In this case, she encourages them to be self-dependent. Moreover, she tells them to earn the name & fame they deserve in their life. By sharing the thousands of inspirational stories of successful women across the world, she is making it possible. She discusses the health, marriage, business, and many other issues that women, girls generally face in their lives.

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