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Dehydration Dangers: 5 health issues you can suffer from in summer

The number of illnesses is rising along with the temperature. The absence of water is the only cause of everything. Yes, a variety of ailments, many of which are difficult to identify, can develop in the body as a result of a lack of water. Because you cannot distinguish between their symptoms. You should be aware of the ailments you may contract if you drink less water in this situation. How and why do you know this?

5 illnesses brought on by a summertime water shortage

A heat stroke

We may get heat stroke first in the summer. Actually, the warm winds are to blame for this. Due to dehydration in this case, the body is unable to maintain a stable internal temperature in relation to the ambient temperature, leading to heat stroke.

Digestive system disorders – Digestive disorders

In the body or a body that is dehydrated, the production of digestive enzymes reduces. As a result, summertime symptoms like acid reflux, nausea, and vomiting may be more problematic. In addition to this, you run the risk of contracting illnesses including gastritis and ulcers.

BP readings that are high and low

In the heat, having low or high blood pressure can also be caused by a lack of fluids. because water aids in maintaining proper blood circulation. When there is a lack of water in this condition, our nerves are impacted, blood circulation is compromised, and you run the risk of developing low or high blood pressure.

UTI-related urine infection

A UTI infection can also be brought on by a lack of water. Water is necessary for the kidney and urinary system to operate properly. The risk of urinary tract infections like cystitis rises when the body is dehydrated. In this situation, the infection causes the urine to turn black and develop a terrible odour.

Nerve pain and a burning feeling in the legs

Lack of water might result in burning feet and sore nerves. It is also linked to blood pressure, and high blood pressure can make you feel tense. In addition, a lack of water makes the body hotter, which can make the feet feel like they are on fire. In order to protect yourself this summer, keep a look out for these illnesses.


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