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Kangana Slammed Parents Of The Boy Who Asked Virat To Take Vamika On A Date

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Going out on a date is pretty common among the youngsters and teenagers but there are some things which suit on a person only after a certain age and dating is one of them. You just can’t expect a boy of a primary school to ask his classmate for a date because this is something which should not happen at this age. However, nowadays many parents who want to behave like friends of their kids try to teach their children about all this stuff and end up looking foolish.

Recently during an IPL match, a young boy whose age must be between 4 and 6 yrs was seen holding a poster which read, “Hi Virat Uncle, can I take Vamika on a date?”

As you must be knowing, Vamika is Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s 2 years old daughter and this act of the young boy didn’t go well with online users who slammed the parents of the boy left and right.

The tweet was noticed by the famous Indian actress Kangana Ranaut too and she also slammed the parents as she wrote, “मासूम बच्चों को ये बेहूदा बातें ना सीखायें, इससे आप मॉडर्न या कूल नहीं अश्लील और फूल लगते हो।” (Don’t teach these awful things to innocent kids. By doing this, you don’t look modern or cool but vulgar and fool).

Here are some other reactions:

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