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Dinesh Karthik’s Mentor & Coach Reveals His Medical Condition Diagnosed Before IPL

Dinesh Karthik or DK, as his fans love to call him, has bid goodbye to all forms of cricket during the IPL 2024, his last match was eliminator which Royal Challengers Bangalore lost to Rajasthan Royals by 4 wickets.

Though RCB failed in winning the IPL once again, DK had a good season as he scored 326 runs at a strike rate of 187.36 but it was not easy for him to take part in the IPL 2024 as he had a medical condition because of which he used to get tired very soon.

KKR assistant coach Abhishek Nayar who also happens to be DK’s mentor and coach recently appeared in a podcast where he revealed, “Dinesh Karthik had a condition called Myocytes where muscles fatigue no matter what you do. So, you have to make sure that you do certain things and live a certain way, but you have to identify that. Sometimes, it’s about doing random blood tests related to a particular issue and understanding what is going wrong in your body, which can prolong your career. This season, I promise you DK has survived due to those reasons.”

He further said, “I remember when we were preparing for the season, he used to bat a lot first and used to get tired in 20-25 minutes. I used to tell him that either you have become old or there is something wrong with your body. Rahul Tripathi was also there and I asked him whether he thinks this is the same old DK and he said no. Then, we did some blood tests and worked on making sure he was strong enough to withstand an IPL. That is how we went through IPL, otherwise, you never know.”

Take care, DK.

Nitin Bhatnagar
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