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Fate’s Twist: These Two Accident Survivors Find Love in an Unexpected Coincidence

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Fictional tales of star-crossed couples and how fate brought their paths together have been told to us. However, this true story is just as romantic as a work of fiction.

When Anup Chandran and Nehal Thakkar first connected over ten years ago at a medical conference, they discovered they had experienced the same tragic event in exact detail.

They were both involved in a comparable auto collision on the same route at the same location in the same make of vehicle. The fact that the incidents occurred two years apart was the sole distinction. On 22 June 2003, Anup was involved in an accident, and on 22 November 2005, Neha. Following the tragedy, Neha and Anup both had spinal injuries and lost their ability to walk.

On Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai, Anup and Neha were both passengers in a Maruti Zen at the time of the collision, albeit the dates were different. The two fell in love the moment they met and began exchanging stories. Before agreeing to be married, Anup and his fiancée had been dating for a very long period.

It wasn’t “love at first sight” for Anup and Neha, who have been happily married for 5 years because they wanted to be self-sufficient enough to do so. For their relationship to develop, they needed time and patience.

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