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From engineer to entrepreneur: Meet Sridevi Ashala who is revolutionizing baby food

Sridevi Ashala abandoned her engineering profession to start Tummy Friendly Foods, a company that produces nutritious baby food mixes, after becoming concerned about the toxins she was unintentionally giving her children.

Sridevi Ashala, who just married, is at the peak of her game. She works in Bengaluru as the head of IT for a German firm. Like any newlywed couple, she and her husband Chidanandam spend their days and evenings discovering new cuisines and enjoying Bengaluru’s nightlife. Everything appears to be going swimmingly until an incident rocks the pair to their core.

The occurrence jolted the pair out of their trance, and they embarked on a journey to live a healthy lifestyle via the use of nutritious food and yoga. When she had her kids, the 39-year-old began learning more about nutrition.

Sridevi fed her first kid homemade meals, but it was more difficult with her second due to her full-time job as a software developer.

As a result, she launched Tummy Friendly Foods in September 2019. The businesswoman, on the other hand, spent the first year entirely on research and development, establishing an in-house laboratory to test the nutritional value of the baby food she was making.

According to a survey, researchers discovered that 65% of newborn items included arsenic, 58% contained cadmium, 36% contained lead, and 10% contained acrylamide.

The solution, according to Sridevi, is bio-available nutrition, and the best method to achieve this nutrition without fortification is through sprouting.

The firm is now bootstrapped and has just moved to Hyderabad. Sridevi has invested Rs 1.5 crore in the firm so far and earns around Rs 10 lakh each month, according to her.

The company supplies easy-to-make organic baby food such as oatmeal and pancake mixes for infants aged six months and up. They also have a line of mixes for people who have health issues such as diabetes.

Sridevi is supported by a team of moms, as well as four persons in charge of R&D. They also confer with a group of mentors, including physicians, to ensure that the meal fulfils nutritional standards.

One of the most difficult issues they confront is competing with huge brands. They must also make the cuisine intriguing and appealing to youngsters. These blends are ideal for young mothers with a demanding schedule.

Meanwhile, Sridevi emphasises the need of teaching your children the importance of diet. She claims that creating this business has given her life significance.

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