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Healthcare startup BBETTER sponsors sports nutrition for 100 Indian athletes

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Nutrition is the key to the top performance of athletes. A Hyderabad-based healthcare startup BBETTER is sponsoring sports nutrition for a hundred Indian athletes.

On Thursday, the Hyderabad-based healthcare firm BBETTER launched ‘Khelengebehetar,’ which would finance sports nutrition for 100 Indian sportsmen.

The campaign was inaugurated here by Dr. Andrew Fleming (British Deputy High Commissioner for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) at an event attended by Raju Vanapala, CEO of Way2News, Prithvi Chaitanya, Head of Partnerships at T Hub, and Ajay Sakhamuri (Founder of MyClassBoard).

BBETTER got an impressive response of over 1700+ registrations and shortlisted 100 athletes from various regions of the nation who compete in sports such as badminton, powerlifting, Paralympic sports, boxing, and football.

Speaking about the sponsorship, International Para-Badminton Player Arati Patil stated that nutrition is a vital component of any athlete’s path and that this effort would have a big influence on the lives of the aspiring athletes.

Dr. Andrew Fleming stated when the campaign was launched: “Upcoming athletes confront several hurdles, and it is encouraging to see a BBETTER initiative to address one of these issues. The availability of high-quality nourishment would benefit the Indian sports community.” According to Srikanth Ch, Founder & CEO of BBETTER, the sponsorship would increase the morale and performance of Indian sportsmen, allowing them to win more medals for the country.  Every athlete in the program would receive a monthly subscription to their preferred supplements. This is Bbetter’s first move, he says, in reaching out to athletes who have the ability to smash records if given the chance

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