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Inspiring story of Starbucks’ ex-CEO Howard Schultz who was rejected 217 times

Howard Schultz dreamt big, although he lived in poverty for years. Here’s the inspiring story of
the former CEO of Starbucks, who was rejected 217 times.

Self-pity is a sickness that will consume you from the inside out and eventually kill you. Even when faced
with adversity, there is always something that can improve your life. You just must be focused and
motivated to seize the chance. If you dream big, you will receive big.

There is no ideal blueprint for success, but there is unquestionably persistent effort. In this day and age,
when everyone is strapped for cash, some people are finding creative ways to meet their fundamental
necessities. But there will come a time when a motive, a sentence, or a little action will change your life.

Mr. Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, had been living in poverty for years and was struggling to
meet his basic necessities. What could possibly be worse than selling his blood for cash?

Survival was becoming more essential to him than finding work. He was raised in a one-bedroom flat.
His father’s leg was broken in an accident, and he lost his work as a result.

Howard was able to attend school thanks to an athletic scholarship. Even when working as a
salesperson, he wished to work at Starbucks.

With three owners at the time, this coffee company sold only coffee beans. At age of 29, he started his
experience at this firm. He visited an Italian coffee shop during a business trip to Italy.

He was intrigued by coffee while in Italy and was startled to learn that the proprietors know their
customers’ names. While serving, they even yelled out their names.

When he tried to persuade the owners of Starbucks to do the same, they rejected the proposal. He
approached 242 people to invest in his “IL Giornale,” but only a few were persuaded.
Howard put forth a lot of effort to create his first coffee business. Starbucks, unfortunately, went

This was his golden opportunity; he acquired the firm and became CEO. In this firm, he put his ideas into
action. This minor shift in the firm has a significant impact on his life.

Starbucks now has over 30,000 locations worldwide and a $100 billion dollar enterprise. The firm
intends to open more than 55 outlets by the end of 2022, with a command over decarbonization
solutions until 2030. They are also expanding plant-based solutions to be more environmentally friendly.


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