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IPL 2023 Playoffs: These teams are in fierce battle after Delhi, Sunrisers eliminated

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The team of Gujarat Titans has gone to the playoffs. The Delhi and Sunrisers teams have been eliminated. With only three spots left, the seven remaining teams are locked in a fierce battle.

The IPL 2023 tournament has now entered its final stage. The league stage is about to end. The playoff matches will be played from May 23. However, the four teams of the playoffs have not been decided yet. Similar to their performance last year, the Gujarat Titans have once again secured a spot in the final four ahead of their competitors.

As the defending champions, they have proven their strength and are poised to make a strong showing in the upcoming matches. Four teams are currently vying for the remaining three spots in the competition’s main fight. At the same time, there are three teams which are still waiting for the defeat of others.

That is, in total, there is a battle between seven teams for the remaining three places in the playoffs. Out of these seven, 3 teams will be able to score a maximum of 14 points. Wherein two teams can reach maximum 16 points, then two teams can reach 17-17 points as well. Currently Gujarat Titans are on top with 18 points. That means no one can beat him now.

Now according to the equation that is being made, only the team that reaches maximum 16 points can go to the playoffs from here. With the remaining matches, a clearer picture can be formed. On Thursday, the 65th match of the tournament will witness a face-off between RCB and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has been eliminated from the race for the last four spots. RCB must win all of their matches to easily secure a spot in the last-4. If RCB emerges victorious today, it will keep its hopes alive in the playoff race. Hyderabad’s triumph could potentially disrupt the game of Virat Kohli‘s squad. In this scenario, RCB’s fate will hinge on the outcome of other teams’ matches.
Can you provide the equations for playoff qualification?

The Gujarat Titans team has made it to the playoffs, also known as the last-4. The current competition is among Lucknow, RCB, Mumbai, and Chennai. According to sources, it is believed that the arrival of at least three teams is imminent. If these teams lose their final match, the hopes of teams such as KKR, Rajasthan, and Punjab Kings will be reignited.

Currently, the number 16 is being deliberated as the ultimate benchmark for playoff eligibility. If Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) loses both of their matches or even one, the situation may become stagnant at 14. The team that emerges victorious in their final match and secures a better run rate among RCB, Rajasthan, Punjab, and KKR will advance to the playoffs with 14 points, according to sources.

The Mumbai Indians and LSG both require a victory.
What are the chances of each team?

CSK’s final league match is set to be against Delhi, starting from the very beginning. Should the team emerge victorious in this game, it will assuredly secure a spot in the playoffs. Should Delhi manage to surprise CSK as it did Punjab, the latter team may find themselves waiting until the very end to determine the outcome. Similarly, the scene at Lucknow Super Giants is also the same.

In addition, he is slated to participate in the final game against KKR. The team’s fate hangs in the balance as they must secure a victory in order to advance to the playoffs. Otherwise, they will be forced to wait until next season for another chance at the championship.

Both Chennai and Lucknow are tied with 15 points each. On Sunday, the Mumbai Indians are scheduled to play their final match against the Sunrisers. A victory in that game could secure a playoff berth for the team. In the event that both CSK and Lucknow emerge victorious from their match… RCB emerges victorious in their remaining matches. So Mumbai and RCB can come on 16-16 points. In this scenario, the concept of net run rate comes into play.

In contrast, the teams of Rajasthan, KKR, and Punjab are left hoping for a stroke of luck as they rely on RCB’s defeat in both their upcoming matches and Sunrisers Hyderabad’s impressive performance, following defeats by RCB and Mumbai Indians. In this scenario, teams with 14-14 points may have a chance to qualify for the last spot.

The net run rate will also be taken into consideration even in that scenario. In an intriguing turn of events, it has been revealed that there exists an equation wherein both Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Mumbai Indians (MI) can end up with 16-16 points, provided they win all their remaining matches. Chennai and Lucknow suffered defeats in their respective recent matches.

In this scenario, the playoffs will only be accessible to either the Chennai or Lucknow team. In such a scenario, a mere 15-15 marks will remain for both parties. The game remains entirely undecided. At this point, it is premature to declare with certainty that any team, aside from Gujarat, is guaranteed to advance.

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