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Sunday, May 19, 2024

“It Shows The Perverse Mentality,”: Adah Sharma As Her Number Gets Leaked Online

Adah Sharma, the Indian actress is hogging limelight as her latest release “The Kerala Story” is going pretty strong on the box-office and it has recently crossed the Rs. 200 crore mark. The movie has attracted controversies too as there are many who are demanding a ban on this flick because in their opinion, the film is hurting the religious sentiments of a community. However, the makers have maintained that the movie is not against any religion or community but it is against terrorism and they never wanted to defame any religion.

Well, the actress Adah Sharma is getting trolled and slammed by many for portraying an important character in “The Kerala Story” and now her phone number has got leaked on an Instagram page. The actress has reacted on this issue and in a recent interview; she slammed the responsible person as she stated,

“I feel just like any other girl would feel with her number being leaked out with morphed images. It shows the perverse mentality of the person who would stoop so low and get joy doing this. It reminds me of a scene in The Kerala Story where a girl is bullied by publicly publishing her number.”

Adah also reveals that the cops have found out that the person responsible for making her number public online is also involved in many other activities and she will soon change her number as it is a very small price to pay to get that person punished.

Leaking someone’s number online is really shameful and people should not indulge in such activities.


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