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Jodhpur born Laxman Bhati service to the needy amid India’s ‘challenging times’ is notable

Laxman Bhati is a true fighter during the Covid-19 pandemic, working for the needs and requirements of the underprivileged.

“A Life Lived in Service to Others is Nothing but the Best Form of Humanity,” he said. Everyone blesses and loves someone who helps others. Yes, we have today brought on board a well-known Social Activist, Laxman Bhati, who selflessly assisted people throughout India’s difficult times. The epidemic has depleted the budgets of the middle and lower classes to the point that they can no longer afford their families’ daily meals. In such dire circumstances, Laxman Bhati graciously gave urgent assistance to the residents of Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

Let’s get to know Laxman Bhati a bit better.

Background information about his family

Laxman Bhati, who was born and reared in Jodhpur, is from a middle family. Shri Dhokal Ram Bhati his father, acted as Social Activist. Laxman Bhati social experience enabled him in building political talents and comprehend the pulse of people. Knowledge and socially linked talents is entrenched in Laxman’s veins, completely developing him into a better person and a selfless one.

Qualifications and education

Laxman Bhati was born in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). He hails from a Middle-class family. Laxman Bhati holds a bachelor’s Degree in Arts from a IEC University Himachal Pradesh.

Laxman Bhati has also acquired an interest in social affairs. He originally took part in numerous social events and formed excellent connection with the individuals. Because of his care and devotion, he progressively became famous amongst the underpriviledge section. His path of being a social activist is steadily taking numerous twists and turns, and Laxman Bhati is learning many things via this.

The road of becoming a social activist

Laxman Bhati is one of the recognized names amongst the social workers in Jodhpur. His prompt support, the uttermost concern, and affection for the disadvantaged peoples are recognized throughout. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Laxman Bhati had supported thousands of underprivileged peoples from his area. His major credo was “No One Should Sleep Empty Stomach”. He and his crew have delivered meals and basic food products to every needy individual from the corner of the city. Laxman Bhati also shared his personal number and requested people to contact him for any supply of food and basic stuff. His team gave meals at the doorstep of poor peoples.


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