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Career advice by World’s richest man Elon Musk for this generation

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World’s richest man and now the ‘ Person of the Year ‘ for 2021 , Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk turns out to be amongst most influential individual on earth.

Musk is usually a visionary who also has a tendency to make a number of predictions and recommendations for people in their future. While Musk who was recently seen very vocal about cryptocurrencies along with its future, the billionaire has now shared his opinions on the future availability of work opportunities and in addition to it shared thoughts on how to secure future too.

Referring to the impacts of fast advancing Artifical Intelligence technologies on employment across many sectors in long run, Musk pointed out the professions which he thinks are secure and possess a shiny foreseeable future. Talking at the whole world Conference on Artificial Intelligence last week on Thursday (December 9 ) , Musk mentioned , “Artifical Intelligence can make jobs slightly pointless ,” as noted by a worldwide international entrepreneur and business enterprise news outlet.

Musk was questioned if individuals really should be worried about their careers getting changed by technology in the future. Though Musk noted that individuals who acquire knowledge of Al software program or software equipment has a place in such a long term. However, he pointed out that Al will eventually compose the software application by itself, building these careers obsolete too.

Musk opined that while using the production and distribution which are likely to taken over by technology in the coming future , human interaction will be the requirement in societies for the future. He reported , ” For those who ‘re focusing on something that involves individual or engineering , it ‘s probably a fantastic emphasis for the future . “


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