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Meet Arsh Bansal who builds eco-friendly homes for travelers

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Arsh Bansal is the creator of Tenpy, a travel firm that promotes the small home movement and leisurely travel through homestays made of recyclable materials.

A series of ‘small bungalows’ on the outskirts of Bengaluru are nestled among beautiful organic farmland and somewhat deep forest cover. These are not your usual hotel or homestay – they come as mobile constructions that attempt to embrace minimalism and “a return to nature”.

They were created under the auspices of Tenpy, a travel firm that constructs small homes in Karnataka, and were designed by architect and entrepreneur ArshBansal.

The 29-year-old claims the concept was inspired by his youth in the highlands, which shaped his appreciation for peace and the environment.

Arsh pursued a master’s degree in environmental design after finishing his bachelor’s degree in architecture, and he afterwards worked in various internships in sustainable architectural companies. He claims that after this, he felt compelled to create something of his own. This is when he returned to the issue of small dwellings, which he had studied during his MSc years before.

Tenpy built its first location in Doddenahalli in 2020. The firm presently has six homes and is building two more in Maharashtra that will open in two months. Arsh carefully chooses each location for the dwellings.

Arsh claims he does not follow popular tourist spots, preferring to give gradual, sustainable agri-tourism possibilities. Arsh feels that nature has the ability to awaken one’s creative inclinations. His dwellings promote digital detoxification by removing WiFi and televisions. He invites painters, musicians, and photographers to the residences on occasion to encourage visitors to explore their own artistic sides.

Arsh first picked shipping containers to house his modest homestays. But, he soon found it impossible to experiment with design there, and heating became an issue due to the containers’ metal construction. He then took a hybrid method, using both indigenous resources and prefabricated constructions to build the project.

Tenpy also offers trekking, hiking, swimming, rafting, and organic farming.

Tenpy costs Rs 4,200 a night for two people, with an additional Rs 1,000 per person for all meals. Since its debut, the residences have averaged 60% occupancy throughout the year.

Arsh plans to open four more houses in Bengaluru and extend to locations like as Sakleshpur and Dehradun, where there are numerous chances for growth.

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