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Meet Rajkot’s favorite Chaiwali Nisha Hussain who quit her job to sell 10 flavors of tea, earn Rs 45K

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Nisha Hussain learned the tricks of the trade by quitting her job and working at a tea cafe . She now operates ‘The Chailand’, selling 10 flavors of tea.

Nisha Hussain,believes in a simple success formula. The 28-year-old woman from Rajkot who runs a tea business says, ” You should perform the task you like with pride, not shame.”

Despite family objections, Nisha quit her job as a computer operator in 2017. She then sold tea from a handcart the following year.

She is now known as the ‘chaiwali of Rajkot,’ and her booth, ‘The Chailand,’ offers up to ten different flavours of tea.

“I tossed out most of my tea for at least 15 days straight,” Nisha says.

People began flocking to The Chailand as a result. It makes me very delighted when people refer to me as Rajkot’s chaiwali “She continues.

You can drink a cup of normal tea for Rs 10 at Nisha’s kiosk. But her flavoured teas sell for Rs 30. Nisha’s best-selling tea is the tandoori tea, for which you have to pay Rs 40.

“For my health-conscious consumers, I also sell many flavours of black tea and green tea “she claims.

Ginger-mint, cinnamon, lemongrass, cardamom, and masala chai are some of the other tea flavours available at The Chailand.

Nisha began working as a computer operator at the Rajkot Sub-office Registrar’s shortly after finishing high school in 2015. I used to live in a hostel at the time and began experimenting with different tea flavours for my friends.

They liked it and pushed me to turn it into a business, but I knew nothing about selling. So, in 2018, I quit my job and began working at the Tea Post cafe.

“By that point, I had already resolved to open my own tea shop, and I used to focus on learning and obtaining supplies after my job every day,” she continues.

Three months later, Nisha utilised her Rs 25,000 savings to open a stall at Virani Chowk, eventually earning up to Rs 3,000 per day.

“But I was pushed by my desire and knew I had no choice but to accomplish it. However, because I am a woman, they, and even my extended family, do not understand why I must work,” she explains.

Earlier this year, she also opened and then closed ‘The Chailand’ cafe.””

Nisha says, “I was comfortably earning at least Rs 50,000 a month until last year, when my tea stall was forced to close due to lockdowns. I established my cafe in June, hoping to attract a wider client base, but I couldn’t make enough money to keep it going. I gave myself till Diwali, and when the cafe’s sales didn’t take up, I decided to reopen my stall and focus on making it work.”

After investigating important places throughout the city, Nisha chose Kalwar Road for ‘The Chailand.’ “Every day, about 7:30 a.m., I open my stall because many people prefer to stop for chai after their morning stroll,” she says.

Regular visitors include devotees from the adjacent Prem Mandir and Saurashtra University students.

“It’s only been ten days since I launched the booth, but as more people learn about my unique flavours through word-of-mouth, clients are increasing every day,” she adds, adding that she’s currently earning roughly Rs 1,500 each day.

Nisha, a passionate book reader, keeps a few books in her stall for her customers to enjoy a little read while sipping her tea. “Following the pandemic’s second wave, Nisha began offering her services at community gatherings and exhibitions to supplement her income.

She also earned a certificate of appreciation from the Rotary Club of Rajkot in December of last year.

But, Nisha is afraid to create another cafe because she is sure what the future holds.

She says, “For the time being, I’d like to ensure that business at my stall runs smoothly. Rajkot’s people have shown me a lot of love, which has given me the strength to keep going. Many people also bring their children to meet me, citing my success story as an example, which is an honour for me.”


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