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Overcoming Full-Body Paralysis: The Inspiring Journey of This Man’s Recovery to Fitness Trainer

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Aditya Vashisht learned he had a rare ailment when he was 26 years old. His right half of his body became crippled all of a sudden.

His illness, Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare condition in which the body’s immune system assaults the nerves and causes whole body paralysis, was discovered after being transported to the hospital.

Doctors warned the family that the illness was hard to recover from. Prior to the incident, Aditya Vashisht got married just around two years ago. He asked her to leave and not to ruin her life, but she chose to stay.

Aditya attempted to shift his body multiple times. But every day he fell short. However, he was eventually able to move after making constant efforts. But regrettably, Aditya afterwards experienced a heart attack.

He had therapy for nine months before making a full recovery. He began his career as a fitness trainer in 2019. He purchased a vehicle and created the life he had always imagined.


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