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“Running transformed my life”:  How fitness coach Shreyas Karnad lost 58 Kg

Shreyas Karnad, a Bengaluru man who dropped from 120 kg to 62 kg in three years, credits his success to healthy food and exercise. Here’s how he resigned his job to become a coach through his Runners 360 programme.

When Shreyas Karnad weighed himself one morning in 2012, he had a stunning realisation. He weighed 62 kg, according to the scale. This was a significant achievement for the then-25-year-old, who weighed 120 kg just three years before.

While he was overjoyed with his weight loss, he chose not to stop working on himself and transforming his life via exercise and healthy eating habits.

While Shreyas claims that running helped him lose weight, he also claims that the activity provided him with some peace.

Shreyas is making a difference in the world with ‘Runners 360,’ an initiative he founded to teach individuals of all ages and backgrounds in running and fitness.

Shreyas recalls that once he began jogging, he fell in love with it. He was working in Singapore at the time and would frequently join a few running coaching courses.

Shreyas returned to India the next year and began working for a content creation business. He kept running to the side.

Following this, he was in a bike accident and was confined to his bed for months – a moment he describes as one of the most difficult. He was in a lot of discomfort and had back problems.

Shreyas pondered how joyful running made him at the same time, and when he was healthier, and Isha Foundation was organising another event in Bengaluru in 2016, he joined in, taking a leave from work for the same. He goes on to say that his next task was at Karwar, where he had to encourage 2,000 people to run on the beach.

Shreyas goes on to say that Runners 360 trains IAS officers, CFOs, and even people from low-income families.

As the 36-year-old reflects on his life, he believes it has been full of change and positive.

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