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Eminent Astro Numerologist ‘Sidhharrth S Kumaar’ conducted workshop on ‘Abundance with Crystal’ with ‘LifePositive Foundation’

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Eminent Astro Numerologist ‘Sidhharrth S Kumaar’ conducted workshop on ‘Abundance with Crystal’ with ‘LifePositive Foundation’ at ‘Zorba The Buddha’ on this Sunday i.e. Nov 28, 2021 

The workshop focused on upskilling and enhancing awareness about beneficial effects of crystals in day-to-day life. The workshop also included DIY tips to better the life with usage of crystals. It concluded with a practical meditation session for participants. 

“It was a wonderful session altogether and I extend my thanks to LifePositive Foundation for having me as facilitator for the workshop. I also extend my thanks to each participant for enthusiastic participation and utilizing the best out of workshop” said Sidhharrth S Kumaar

“Sidhharrth is a deeply knowledgeable, widely read individual who has done deep research on astrology, numerology and crystal healing and gives customised solutions to people seeking answers to specific problems in their life. He is confident, energetic and optimistic and fills everyone around him with a lot of positivity and self-belief. One can learn a lot from him about divination arts and esoteric sciences.” said Shivi Verma, Editor, LifePositive Magazine 

Who is Siddharth S Kumar?

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, the Founder of NumroVani, is a registered pharmacist turned into an Astro Numerologist. He started learning occult sciences at the age of six, after reading and researching on occult sciences and its application to the contemporary world for around one and half decades and has been practicing this for around eight years. He helps individuals and businesses in solving real-life problems using the hidden gems of occult sciences, with primary emphasis on preventive approaches and personalized holistic wellness programs for individuals, based on their date of birth and name.

About NumroVani

We are a new age Human-AI enabled company with a vision to bridge the two worlds i.e., contemporary world and the power of occult sciences. 

B2B Services

We assist companies in sustainable business growth by leveraging the power of both occult sciences & contemporary science. Some of our B2B offerings include Brand Name, Brand Logo, Brand Tagline, CXO recruitment, Workplace Wellbeing, and Employee engagement and culture evolution. 

B2C Services

We also advise individuals in solving their real-world problems and moreover, a preventive approach towards optimizing their growth trajectory of life. Some of our B2C offerings include lucky name, lucky mobile number, career stream selection, preventive approach to health and other custom queries

About Life Positive Foundation

The Life Positive Foundation is a not-for-profit public charitable trust with wide-ranging concerns and interests in the upliftment of society. The Foundation is particularly focused on promoting and disseminating holistic information, techniques and wisdom to the general public.

The Foundation is part of the enterprise Life Positive Pvt Ltd which comprises a holistic magazine called Life Positive,  LP website,events, healing services and a Youtube channel

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