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Speaking about “Dunki,” Shah Rukh Khan says: It is a tale of people who wish to return home

With three anticipated films, Shah Rukh Khan will dominate the silver screen in 2023. He spent a lot of time filming “Dunki,” a movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani that is supposedly about immigration.

He recently discussed “Dunki” in detail and described it as a “huge journey.”

My movie is called Donkey in English. However, the word is pronounced “Dunki” in one region of India. Punjabis pronounce it Dunki. How much should I reveal to you about the movie? One of our nation’s most talented directors, Mr. Raju Hirani, directed the movie. It was penned by the talented Abhijat Joshi. When you finally hear the calling, it is a narrative of people who desire to return home. It is a humorous movie. His (Mr. Hirani’s) movies always feature a blend of humor and strong nationalistic feelings. Therefore, it is a long voyage for me, and the movie travels to other parts of the world before returning to India, as Shah Rukh Khan said in an interview with Deadline. In this entertaining film, Taapsee Pannu is paired with SRK.

Additionally, the actor discussed “Pathaan” and stated, “I have never done an action film.” I’ve performed in some extremely touching love stories, social dramas, and bad guy roles, but no one has ever hired me. Since I’m 57, I decided to focus on action movies for the next ten years. This action film, directed by Siddharth Anand, will debut in January 2023.

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