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With his social media skills, this entrepreneur has written his success story

Meet Swamiraj Chavan, a boy who dreamt of succeeding at the age of 19 and achieved the same. He is a self-made social media entrepreneur with over 1M+ learner’s base on Instagram.  Chavan privately runs a very large and prominent space and science learning page and mentors over1 million plus peoples through his informative posts.

About Swamiraj’s life

Swamiraj Chavan hails from Kopargaon, Maharashtra (India), is pursuing his bachelor’s degree, and a Digital Market Entrepreneur. He is an engineering student from Sanjivani College of Engineering in Ahmednagar.

Just at the age of 18, he started gaining money through Instagram. He started creating digital procedures and incredible content on Instagram. Unlike his friends of he didn’thave books in his hands, instead, he became an Instagram expert leaving several people surprised.

By the time he was 19, he became a Web Developer, he has a YouTube channel With Over 30k plus subscribers, successful blogger & a digital marketing expert.

He knows exactly what will work on Social media. He is a genius to draw the attention of the netizens through his content. He has a vast line of other entrepreneur clientele to whom he offers his expert services to increase page followings and engagements.

Achievements as a Entrepreneur

Swamiraj has assisted several international clients to grow their followers organically. He had done a considerable amount of promotional campaigns for various social media networks and huge podcast firms like Indian genes to grow. He is well known for his creativity and management skills. Nowadays, he is working with Indian Genes as an entrepreneur of a digital platform, With his page Young Space, Chavan has redefined the way how social media should be.

Chavan has also visited ISRO. He has the opportunity to work with many USA based companies. Some of them, even have verified profiles.

His Mantra for Success

Like every entrepreneur, he battled plenty initially but never lost hope. He learned from his mistakes, and continuously worked on them bit by bit to put all his efforts as properly planned, to reach the level he’s at now! Swamiraj is also receiving income through his creative and valuable techniques in social media ecosystem marketing. Swamiraj has 3 golden rules of his own as an entrepreneur. First have the ability for decision making, which should be gathered by your self-confidence & lastly be consistent in whatever you want to pursue.

Breaking all the rules of society,  the young entrepreneur has achieved this hallmark in just 1 year. This is all because of his hard work and commitment towards his work. 

Having more than 1 Million community base on his social handles and constantly growing, it needs a lot of self-confidence, awareness, and consistency. One also requires to be updated with the most current trend, which is the most important aspect, to create decent content, along with social techniques.


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