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Twitter brings light in the life of this elderly couple (Baba Ka Dhaba)

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A couple of days prior sad video of a heartbroken older man from New Delhi turned into a web sensation. The man runs a restaurant Baba ka Dhaba in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar region. However, the business had been shut for the elderly couple in this pandemic.

As his video made rounds via online media, people gradually visited his food stall, that he runs with his better half. It earned so much consideration that Baba ka Dhaba was a top Twitter pattern on Thursday. AAP MLA Somnath Bharti, food bloggers, web-based media influencers and numerous others went to Baba ka Dhaba and helped the elderly couple get their business in the groove again.

Never-ending story

The elderly person who runs this Dhaba is Kanta Prasad and has been running this food eatery stall, since 1988 with his wife Badami Devi. 80-year-old Kanta Prasad shared that he and his better half Badami Devi generally began cooking at 6.30 am. The elderly couple is always prepared with the day’s meal by 9.30 am. Dal, curry, parathas and rice are kept in huge dishes to be sold for around Rs 30-50 a plate.

The octogenarian couple initially hails from Uttar Pradesh and in 1961 moved to Delhi when Kanta prasad was 21, seeking a better life in a metro city. Strikingly, this elderly couple were married when Prasad was just five and his child bride was simply thee-years-old. After the couple moved to Delhi with a desire to make their life comfortable, Prasad began to function as a fruit vendor. As time passed and old-age started appearing, he moved to the food business. For quite a long time, the business was moderate. His Dhaba which offers dal chawal, paratha, tea, and so on, couldn’t pull in-crowd.

They scarcely ever built huge profits, yet the pandemic has been destroying for their little business. The elderly couple gets no assistance from their children  – two boy and a girl. Nonetheless, that one video made by blogger Gaurav Vasan did the magic for the elderly couple.

The social media post cast the magic spell

Within hours, the heartbreaking video of the old man wiping his tears racked up thousands of retweets and likes. Within 24 hours, Many came forward and offered to help the elderly couple monetarily, while some declared plans for lunch at Baba Ka Dhaba. Among those who tweeted are Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, cricketer R Ashwin, IPL team Delhi Capitals and food delivery app Zomato. They have added prasad’s Dhaba under their list of restaurants for food delivery. And an endless stream of buyers could be seen at the small stall. The elderly couple are amazed by this response.

A-post from social media page called ‘Humans of Delhi’ has featured the life story of the elderly couple. The column features their early life story from the time they were married to when they moved to New Delhi together from their village in UP. The story elderly couple is an example of one’s hope, determination, and a lot of love. 

As quoted by Kanta Prasad, ”We are very pleased with the number of clients that are turning to our eatery presently. We are thankful for the community support.” His wife Badami Devi smilingly poses for the photo and says innocently-”During the lockdown period we could sell nothing. We fought to survive but today we are overrun with buyers. We want to bless all those who helped us in this crisis.”

Various twitter it is posted after visiting Baba ka Dhaba- Some said Baba ka Dhaba will now need a waiter in a week as the queues will be increasing day by day.

Even NRAI (National Restaurant Association of India) tweeted in support of Kanta Prasad. They have pledged to promote Baba Ka Dhaba, a roadside eatery stall run by this elderly couple.

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