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Tips to get started with digital marketing using Google Workspace

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Google Workspace serves as an all-in-one collaboration, communication, and productivity tool for enterprises. Find out 5 top tips to use Google Workspace for digital marketing.

As a digital marketer, you’ll be relieved to learn that a few free Google Workspace apps are all you need for effective networking and advertising. For promotional initiatives, digital marketing tools and services are typically pricey. If you’re looking into a job in this industry or want to offer low-cost solutions to your freelance clients, you’ll simply need a few Google apps. You can even operate successful web marketing efforts for free.

Here’s how you get started with digital marketing using Google Workspace

Use Email to Promote Your Brand

The Gmail app from Google Workspace is an excellent tool for free or low-cost brand marketing. To begin, you must format your emails such that they appear professional and trustworthy.

Your Gmail trust-building journey begins with a concise and relevant email subject that explains the email’s perspective in 10 words or less. Select the words for the email topic with care, including just the most relevant and useful ones.

In addition, for work-related correspondence, your email should include a logo, a photograph, alternative email addresses, social media accounts, the business address, website, and a contact number. You can add these in your email’s signature section.

Create Efficient Digital Marketing Campaigns

Google products like Calendar, Drive, and Sites are ideal for managing digital marketing campaigns in a simple, easy, and simplified manner. Brochures, social media postings, infographics, and Instagram videos may all be saved to a Google Drive shared folder. Give your team members the necessary permissions, such as edit, view, or comment, so that the responsible resource can access the information in accordance with their roles in the project.

On the Calendar app, you may plan social media posts and synchronise them with a team member for publication. Because most social media promotional campaigns have minimal material, you’ll need to construct a Google Sites page to drive your audience to the detailed campaign board. You can expand on the promotional campaign here by employing YouTube videos, blogs, and photos. Because Sites is a responsive platform, your audience will always have a good browsing experience regardless of device.

Conduct Free DIY Email Marketing

The Gmail app connects effortlessly with complex email marketing systems such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Omnisend, and others. As a result, you may use Gmail for newsletter or marketing email delivery to preserve all data in one place and prevent switching between apps.

Alternatively, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace to get handy tools that automate email marketing chores like as mass emailing, email analytics, and email tracking, among others. These apps allow you to become your own digital marketer without having to learn anything new.

Make a statement with a high-ranking website.

Google provides a variety of digital marketing tools for optimising website content. As a result, as a digital marketer, you can provide excellent content optimization services to your clients without having to invest in expensive technologies.

On the other, if you manage your own website, you may stand out from the throng and reach your target audience with little or no expenditure. The following is a list of certain tools and their principal applications:

The Lighthouse tool allows you to do a performance, SEO, accessibility, and best practises audit on any website URL.

The Find My Audience tool allows you to find millions of global audiences for your YouTube channel and, eventually, the related website.

Test My Site evaluates your mobile-friendly website’s performance over a 4G connection, as well as its overall health and provides optimization advice.

Broaden Your Reach to Local Audiences

Make strategic use of Google Sites and Google My Business to expand a website’s reach to the local community for free. Begin with a Google Sites website that includes related content like blog posts, promotional videos, products, services, promotional presentations, and so on.

You may quickly and easily import content from YouTube, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets onto the Sites. Make your website publicly accessible by connecting it to Google Search via Google My Business.

Google My Business allows you to add contact information, Google Maps locations, and public reviews to your website so that it appears when your target audience searches for similar items or services.


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