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Top 7 online food delivery companies of India in 2023; Swiggy tops the list

Online food delivery companies allow customers to order from a restaurant without leaving home. The customers can also track their meal from acceptance until delivery on their phone. Food delivery platforms receive commissions from restaurants and deliver food safely and slowly. Online food ordering has many advantages, including meal order discounts.

Ordering from their sofa saves money and delivers. Online delivery attracts customers and word-of-mouth, which are essential for a startup restaurant. Online meal delivery in India is expected to expand 28.9% between 2022 and 2027 due to high-speed internet and smartphone sales. Most participants are in urban locations, but vendors are now focused on smaller cities due to their growth potential. Online food delivery services are in demand nationwide due to the popularity of quick home delivery models that offer convenience, ready-to-eat (RTE), and lower-priced meal delivery options.

1. Swiggy is India’s leading on-demand food delivery company.  It was created in 2014 to make urban life easier. The online food delivery service has over 5,000,000 app installations and is a household name.

Millions of Indians order groceries and food online through Swiggy. The seven-year-old food tech company, India’s most valued, is trying to reach customers.

Swiggy makes ordering meals at home, business, or parties easy. India’s fastest-growing company is Swiggy. Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini founded Swiggy in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Swiggy was popular, expanded quickly, and continues to succeed today.

Meal delivery business Swiggy flourished quickly. Since March 2019, Swiggy Stores has delivered products in 100 cities. In September of the same year, Swiggy Go made picking up and delivering meals, documents, gifts, and other things easier.

In August 2020, Swiggy established Instamart, a same-day grocery delivery service, and began building underground stores. Instamart helped Swiggy Stores grow following its 2021 closure.

Swiggy’s unique business model gives it an edge despite its late entry. Accordingly, the Indian e-commerce market is ripe for new companies with cutting-edge features and services.

2. Zomato, one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly apps, lets users find nearby restaurants, order online, and get their food delivered. For reliable restaurant information, it gives menus, reviews, and ratings. Based on orders, people can enjoy delicious food at home.

Delhi IIT alumni Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded Zomato in 2008. Foodiebay was Zomato until November 2010. When they ordered, they saw their colleagues looking through restaurant menus. They had the wonderful notion to digitize these manual menus. Zomato started counting restaurants in 2012 after expanding globally.

Zomato’s food delivery warriors also visit each eatery to ensure data security. Users can contribute culinary stories and ratings. This project socializes Zomato. Zomato’s easy-to-use app influences online meal ordering. 22 countries—including Australia and New Zealand—have over one million users. Zomato lets them order food on their phones and have it delivered.

Zomato has grown rapidly since 2008. Even seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs are curious how it produces huge profits despite offering tempting discounts. Zomato helps customers find nearby restaurants and place orders.

3.  Faasos

Indian internet food delivery business Faasos was founded in 2011. Since 2014, Faasos has delivered meals to Indian consumers via its smartphone app.

Indian restaurant business Faasos delivers cuisine online. Faasos started selling Calcutta rolls in Pune, but now they sell wraps, rolls, Frankies, and Indian food. Faasos takes online orders, cooks and delivers meals. Use “Faasos near me” to find the website or stores in India.

Faasos offers traditional wraps, party wraps, rice bowls, desserts, meals, snacks, and more. Faasos reviews indicate it accepts online party orders. Faasos created a kitchen where customers may instantly order their favorite cuisine. Faasos cloud kitchen-based shops across allow customers to order food.

4.  Domino’s

Domino’s mobile app delivers the world’s most popular pizza on demand. Android and iOS apps allow Domino’s pizza delivery to local customers.

Domino’s is a 1960 multinational brand. It is the world’s largest pizza delivery firm with company-owned and franchised outlets worldwide.

1996 saw New Delhi’s first Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza India has always offered high-quality pizzas and sidesideers, excellent customer service, and affordable, gratifying bargains.

Domino’s online and app coupons are the most appealing. Domino’s mobile app has the lowest online ordering prices. Domino’s promises 30-minute delivery. Domino’s online ordering software features secure payment, order customization, and an easy-to-use interface.

5.   Eat.fit

Eat.fit serves fresh, healthy, and delicious meals. eat.fit offers a variety of cuisines, preservative-free dinners, and frequent menu updates. Each meal has flavor, high-quality ingredients, and nutritional information to show that eating properly can be enjoyable.

Every eat.fit meal is a rainbow. This balances micronutrients and macronutrients in each portion. Over time, eating a variety of healthful nutrient-dense foods helps improve organ health, metabolism, immunity, bone density, blood coagulation, and other critical bodily functions.

6.   McDonald’s

McDonald’s entered India in 1996 through a JV between Oak Brook III and two local partners, Hardcastle Restaurants Private Ltd. in western India and Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Ltd. in eastern India.

McDonald’s meeting Indian standards to give us a product we like is much appreciated. Indians love their burgers, sides, and drinks. Discounted items make Indians happy. Even if McDonald’s is cheap, we provide you more.

McDonald’s worked hard to understand Indian culture. It changed for this diverse nation. They considered essential local culture, alternatives, and cuisines.

7. FreshMenu

Rashmi Dogra launched FreshMenu in 2014, a popular daily food-ordering smartphone app that delivers healthy, delicious meals from top chefs to your office or home. The Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore restaurant serves fresh food daily.

FreshMenu’s user-friendly interface enables speedy checkout, menu personalization, and real-time order tracking. FreshMenu often sells out, so it’s important to prepare ahead. Their food is popular.


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