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Turkey Man Locked His Head Inside A Cage So That He Can Quit Smoking

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Turkey man sets a big example in regard to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes is certainly one of the worst habits that a person can have as it is not only harmful for the person who smokes but also for people around him as they are subjected to passive smoking.

Story of a man from Turkey is going viral at the moment as he resorted to a weird way to quit smoking. The name of the person is Ibrahim Yücel and he was smoking for 26 years. He used to smoke two packets daily and was not able to quit smoking despite trying for many years.

However, he made up mind to take an extreme step after he lost his father to lung cancer. He decided to keep his face covered with a cage made of copper wires so that he couldn’t smoke even if he wanted to.

The cage had locks on both the sides and he used to get it locked before going out of the house and the keys were kept by his wife and daughter. With the cage on his face, he was left with an option to eat minimum food items and he used to drink water with straw.

Though Ibrahim tried this method in 2013, his story is going viral at the moment and there is no news in regard to whether he was able to quit smoking or not but his determination for quitting smoking is commendable.

Say NO to smoking!!!!

Nitin Bhatnagar
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