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Monday, May 29, 2023

Looks like a Sci-Fi horror movie! AR Rahman shares video showing Chinese students with AI technology

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AR Rahman recently took to Twitter to express his fears regarding the overuse of artificial intelligence (AI). The renowned musician went so far as to raise doubts regarding the potential of artificial intelligence, pondering whether its impact will ultimately prove to be beneficial or detrimental.

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a significant aspect of modern life. It has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, with its presence extending beyond our phones and homes to include our workplaces and, in some instances, even our schools.

With the proliferation of AI, it has become increasingly difficult to evade these ubiquitous technologies. Renowned composer-singer AR Rahman has expressed his apprehensions about the growing reliance on AI.

Is the new generation both blessed and cursed? This is the question that comes to AR Rahman’s mind when contemplating their situation. The renowned musician recently shared a video showcasing the use of AI technology in a school.

In his social media post, Rahman expressed his thoughts on the matter, stating that only time will reveal the true impact of this innovative technology. The original source of the video is The Wall Street Journal.

The footage depicts a group of Chinese students donning headbands on their foreheads while seated in a classroom. A cutting-edge headband has been developed that can detect the level of concentration of each student. Not only that, but it also features a light that indicates the extent to which a student is able to focus on their studies.

Just a few days ago, this post was shared. With over 800,000 views since its posting, the content has gained significant attention. The post has garnered over 5000 likes and numerous comments.

Below are some reactions for you to check out:

The scene in question has been likened to the beginning of a science fiction horror film, according to a recent statement made by an observer. As per one user’s comment, the video appears to capture the onset of unpredictable challenges related to technological progress, reminiscent of an episode from the popular TV series, Black Mirror. As AR sir aptly put it, only time will reveal whether the situation will turn out to be a boon or a bane.

“Omg! Expressed a third, questioning how we arrived at this point. One user expressed that the situation has become overwhelming, stating, “This is a bit too much now.” According to the speaker, childhood acts that were once considered precious and innocent have become increasingly complex in their mechanics.

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