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Want to Get Verified on Twitter? Here’s What You Need to Do!

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For the average person, Twitter is no longer the same, yet something has changed. Due to the blue tick’s absence, The Blue Tick is currently trending on the platform. Finally, Twitter has taken away the blue tick from all legacy accounts, including verified and famous persons as well as regular users. Although the service has been changed to a paid membership, certain blue ticks may still be seen on the site. You may, however, get the blue tick back. These Twitter and Blue Tick-related facts are crucial.

Have all of the verification badges been confiscated?

The first inquiry is whether or not everyone’s verification badges have been taken off. Thus, it is false. The first adjustment made by Twitter was the introduction of various verification badges. Companies received yellow badges under this system, while the government and agencies received grey badges. The people, however, received a blue tick. The blue tick has now been eliminated by the business from all older accounts.

Why did the blue tick get taken off?

For a long time, Twitter has been losing money. In this case, Elon Musk determined to turn the company profitable after purchasing it. Launching the Twitter Blue membership plan was one option. Even though this plan was already offered, very few individuals used to purchase it.

In order to boost the company’s income, Elon Musk made the decision to take away the blue tick from the legacy account and add it to the subscription. Blue Tick has been eliminated from all accounts as a result.

Who is eligible for a refund?

The question now is, will the blue tick be given back? It can be retrieved, but it won’t be as readily available as previously. You must purchase a Twitter Blue membership to do this. The unique aspect of this technique is that anyone may receive a blue tick. Previously, it served as a verification badge.

How can I get my blue tick back?

If you’re one of those folks who wants to use Blue Tick on Twitter, you’ll need to purchase a membership in order to do so. The corporation has already started its subscription programme.

How much will it set you back each month?

On Twitter, you’ll see the Blue membership option. Blue Tick may be purchased by clicking on it. By the way, the rent is Rs. 650 per month. At the same time, a 12-month package would be offered for Rs 6,800. This amount applies to the online version. You must pay Rs 900 per month, or Rs 9,400 annually, for the mobile version.

How many different kinds of tags exist?

Only Blue Tag is included with the Blue membership. On this platform, there are three different kinds of tags: Yellow, Blue, and Grey tags. The business is also adding some other information with unique accounts in addition to this.

Which tag will go to whom?

Elon Musk only made the decision to relaunch Blue Subscription after the Twitter acquisition was finalised. He introduced three different tag kinds for this. It is marked with a yellow business emblem. On the other side, government offices, agencies, and other official accounts have been awarded grey badges. Individual users have now received Blue Tick.

Do the subscriptions for mobile and web differ?

Yes, the Twitter Blue membership is distinct for browser and mobile. Whereas a Rs. 600 monthly membership is required to access the web version. Users must pay Rs 900 per month for the mobile version, on the other hand.

How will legacy accounts fare?

If you have a legacy account, you can continue to use it as normal. Although nothing has changed, your account no longer displays the blue tick next to it. In addition, you will see more advertisements.

What advantages does Twitter Blue offer?

There are several benefits to Twitter Blue on its own. If you sign up for it, the business will place you at the top of any conversation or search. You will additionally receive Blue Tick.

You will also have the option to add strong and italic font to your tweets in addition to this. 1080P videos will be supported for posting on Twitter. Additionally, you will have access to tools like NFT, tweet editing, and authoring lengthy tweets.

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