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You can download videos from Twitter easily; Here’s how

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As you scroll through your Twitter feed, you may come across intriguing videos that you wish to preserve for future use or share with your peers.

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide a built-in feature to download videos directly from its platform. But don’t worry! Numerous techniques and resources are at your disposal to effortlessly download videos from Twitter.

In this guide, I’ll explore one popular technique and tool to help you easily download videos from Twitter, enabling you to enjoy and share your favorite content offline.

Now, follow along as we dive in and unlock the possibilities of video downloads on Twitter.

How to download videos from Twitter

When scouring Twitter for a downloadable video, it is crucial to bear in mind that occasionally individuals embed YouTube videos on the platform. The process of downloading videos from YouTube differs from that of downloading videos directly from Twitter.

To begin downloading a Twitter video, go to Twitter in your preferred browser.
Search for the video you want to download.

In this guide, we will be utilizing a Techloy video as a prime illustration.

    — Techloy 


 (@techloy) April 8, 2023

To obtain the URL of a particular tweet that contains the desired video for download, simply click on the date that is shown beneath the video. Upon taking this action, users will be redirected to the URL of the tweet in their browser’s address bar. To obtain the URL, one should simply copy the text from the address bar.

SaveTweetVid is our top recommendation among the many Twitter video download sites available. SaveTweetVid distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing a user-friendly experience that is free from intrusive pop-up ads. To gain access to the website, one must open their preferred web browser and navigate to the URL www.savetweetvid.com.

In order to access the desired video, the user must copy and paste the URL of the tweet containing the video into the designated text box. To initiate the downloading process, simply click on the Download button.

When selecting a video quality, it’s important to consider that opting for higher quality will result in a larger file size.

Upon completion of the preceding steps, the chosen Twitter video will be displayed on the subsequent page. To download the video onto your computer, follow these simple steps: right-click on the video and select the option “Save video as.”

Now that the video has been downloaded successfully, you have the liberty to watch it at your convenience, regardless of the time of day. Saving the video enables unrestricted enjoyment. Users can now enjoy their saved Twitter videos at their convenience by simply sitting back and relaxing.

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