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You could get Masala Dosa & Coffee for just Rs.2; viral restaurant bill shows

Inflation has always between there, remember the song ‘Hai Mehangai’ (Oh! Inflation) from the old Hindi film ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan. But, in the current era of , people have been shocked  to see a Rs. 2 bill for a full meal.

Many sorts of invoices are capturing people’s attention on social media these days, from old wedding cards to old automobile payments. Recently, the bullet and cycle bills were also observed. At the same time, there is a lot of debate over everything from the old power cost to the food and drink price.

As a result, individuals increasingly take photos of old-fashioned slips and share them on social media, where people’s emotions may be observed. Although this measure is rather old, it is still being debated.

One such invoice, dated June 28, 1971, that will almost certainly surprise you, has gone viral on the internet.  The invoice that belongs to Moti Mahal restaurant, Delhi, includes the price of masala dosa and coffee, which will astound you. The price of Masala Dosa is listed as one rupee on the bill. Similarly, the price of coffee can be stated as Re 1, with the total being Rs 2. The price includes a service tax of 6 paise and a service charge of 10 paise.

This message was published on the social media network Twitter by an account called @indianhistory00, to which people have responded in a variety of ways.

This post was shared on February 1, 2017, and even the users were taken aback. People are amazed to see this bill for a complete supper at Rs. 2 in this inflationary times.

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