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The inspiring story of a female dentist who turned to be an IPS officer

You must read about Dr. Kaur an IPS officer. This inspiring story of a female will give you several reasons to do something in your life.

To start with, this is a wonderful and inspirational story of Dr. Pritpal Kaur Batra. She is an India police service officer now from the 2016 batch. Her first posting came in a remote location of the eastern border district of Tuensang in Nagaland. There she was appointed as a sub-divisional police officer. There she received a great welcome from the local people and this becomes the turning point of her life. She was greatly inspiredby the warm welcome and respect that she received there. In this story of a female, you will learn many things.

Interesting points in life – a story of female

Secondly, she said that she was an outsider there but despite thatpeople were quite generous and welcoming there. She arrived there in 2018, local people made her feel like home there. This fact inspired her to do something beyond her duties and she started working for the good fare of the local society. Nowadays Dr. Kaur is appointed as the Superintendent of police in Noklakdistrict. She made the most inspirational story of a female by working hard.

Thirdly, she belongs to a wonderful background in teaching and farming. Dr. Kaur used this particular knowledge and experience for the good fare the young generation who were becoming addicted to drugs. She brought books, study material, and worked effectively for the treatment of the drug-addicted. She helped them to get counseling and taught them new skills to get a job. Dr. Kaur is an example when it comes to the story of a female who did something for society.

A female story that inspires everyone

Furthermore, Dr. Kaur has a strong background in teaching and farming. Thus, she taught the new generation about being self-dependent. She taught many survival skills and vocational training to the young generation and this gives them the courage to be out of the world of drugs and addiction.

In addition, she worked for the welfare of the communities of the Naga hills. It is a noteworthy fact that these people are mostly affected by underdevelopment, drug addiction, HIV-AIDS, and many other social problems. Dr. Kaur worked well for them and brought them back to the streamline. These things worked well for the communities of the Naga Hills. You may have heard the story of a female but Dr. Kaur has nailed it with the remarkable work for culture and society. 

Experience and first posting

The first posting is very special for every officer and as an IPS officer; it is indeed the most important experience. Dr. Kaur was dealing efficiently in every aspect. On the other hand, she was dealing with criminals at the police station. But this did not stop her from being in touch with the schools, churches, student unions, civil society organizations, and many more. She recognized the talent of the students and decided to something for the betterment of the students.

Free coaching

She made any efforts and started giving free coaching classes to inspire students to come into government jobs and serve their country well. You will be amazed to know the fact that more than fifty-three students cleared the Nagaland CM scholarship exam and cracked other departmental exams of the state government. Many of them are also going to appear for the civil service exams as well. Nothing is there as compared to this wonderful story of a female. 

Organic farming

Furthermore, she worked with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and inspires many farmers to adopt the modern means of agriculture. She inspired and trained them for modern organic farming techniques. Furthermore, she also introduced them to use food processing and helped them to gain raw materials, seeds, and other logistics. Dr. Shisarenla Aier of KVK also helped her in this task.

Anti-narcotics campaign

She has also made special movements for the anti-narcotics. For this, she runs the campaigns in the schools and colleges to make sure that everyone is aware of this fact. She gave medical training and drug treatment courses. She used her training of Opioids substitution treatment and counseling skills to move the youth in the right direction. You will hardly see such a story of a female who brought the revolution. 


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