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Alia Bhatt Responds To People Asking If Motherhood Will Affect Her Career

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Alia Bhatt is one of the most sought after Bollywood actresses and she has constantly been making headlines ever since her debut in the year 2012 for various reasons, be it for her IQ, acting, relationships, Karan Johar’s favouritism for her and so on.

The actress tied the knot with Ranbir Kapoor in April 2022 and the couple got blessed with a baby girl Raha in November 2022. Recently the “Student Of The Year” actress had an interaction with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in which she talked about many things such as nepotism and the double standard of people towards men and women when they become parents.

Alia says that interviewers question her whether she will reduce working after becoming a mother and she responds that they don’t ask this question to a man.

In her words,

“You would never ask a man a question about whether having a baby at the peak of his career was a brave decision. I’m being asked, ‘Are you willing to cut your pace down because you’re having a family?’.”

Nevertheless, as she has been active in Bollywood for more than a decade, she thinks that there’s no harm in pacing down a little for Raha.

Alia says,

“Maybe after working for 10 years at a certain pace, I felt that, okay, maybe I can cut that down and be a mum. I feel like it was very much led by love. I’ve always been that person who just does things with love. Whatever decision I make, if it feels right, I’ll do it. But if it doesn’t feel right, you’ll always see me taking 16 steps back. I could be offered the biggest movie, the biggest team, but if it doesn’t feel right, I wouldn’t be able to take that step forward. So (having a baby) was just purely nominated by that. And I don’t even think there was a question. It was just a very happy, natural decision.”

Next time keep in mind to ask these questions to fathers too and not just to mothers!

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