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The journey of Roman Saini, co-founder of Unacademy, so far seems like a myth. First he became a doctor at the age of just 16. After this, IAS at the age of 22 and then a successful entrepreneur shortly after. Roman Saini’s journey is interesting.

Some aspire to be doctors, while others want to be engineers. Many people desire to sit in the officer’s chair. Yet for some, this is simply a halt. Roman Saini is the name of one such young man. Roman Saini is a physician. He is a former IAS. And now a successful business owner. At the age of 16, Roman Saini passed the most challenging AIIMS test. After that, at the age of 22, he passed the UPSC Civil Services Examination and was appointed as an IAS officer. Yet, becoming an IAS was only the first step. Immediately after retiring from the IAS, he founded Unacademy, which has a current net value of more than 15000 crores.

Roman Saini, the co-founder of Unacademy, comes from Rajasthan. His father is an engineer, while his mother is a housewife. After completing his MBBS, Roman served as a junior resident at AIIMS’s NDDTC. For every young person, this is a pipe dream. So where were the Romans supposed to dwell in this town? I left my job after only 6 months and set out to fly the UPSC flag. He became an IAS officer at the age of 22 after passing the UPSC Civil Services Test. At the Civil Services Test, he was ranked 18th in the entire country. In Madhya Pradesh, he was appointed as a collector.

Roman Saini says in one of his interviews that when he went to certain medical camps as a doctor in 2011, he learned that poverty is a really harmful thing. Individuals were unaware of their health, sanitation, and water issues. They needed to be diagnosed. Yet I was unable to remove these difficulties as a doctor. At the same time, it was decided that joining the civil service is required.

For a long time, Roman Saini disliked the IAS chair. He quickly resigned from his position and co-founded Unacademy with his pals (headquarter of Unacademy is in Bangalore). This company’s annual revenue has now surpassed 15000 crores.

Online education portal Unacademy is immensely popular among the youth. The goal of founding this business was to give a forum for UPSC tutoring for students. They do not need to invest millions of rupees on this.

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