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Facebook post changes the life of a Rajasthani Woman and made her food business owner

Abhilasha had never thought that she could follow her passion for cooking. Now she is a successful food business owner and earning in lakhs every month.

Firstly, It is said that cooking is the best hobby and everyone should know about the right manner of cooking. Well, today we are talking about a very special person who turned his cooking hobby into a start-up and now she is a successful food businesswoman. Everyone is now praising her for the best food and now she can cater to thousands of dishes. You will be surprised to know that all these things started just from a simple Facebook post.

The idea of the food business

This story is about the Abhilasha Jain and she belongs to Gurugram of Haryana, India. In the year, she posted on Facebook about her cooking and how her journey to an entrepreneur started. She is the owner of a food business now. On one Sunday she was just preparing the Dal-baati and choorma. This is a well known traditional Rajasthani dish. She had joined the group moms-only group and randomly she asked everyone to order the dish.

A surprise entry in the food business

Secondly, Abhilasha was surprised to see that more than forty people have already given their orders for the Rajasthani Dish. Within the twenty-four hours, she got a huge response and this is how everything got started. Further, just one after another the things were going well in the same year demand for her dishes increased several folds. She decided to open a catering business by the name Marwadi Khana. Now she has turned everything into a profitable food business.

Also, the theme of this business was to provide authentic homemade Marwari food for everyone. So, she got the cooking skills gifted from her culture and parents. In her childhood, she has learned everything from the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. It helps her to unlock the profitable food business later.

The new height of business

Thirdly, now the business is on the height and she has a system to deliver the food to twenty people every day. She has made this entire system online and providing a great solution. For the easiness of the delivery, she has given the option to order the food in one day advance. She has made her own website and now handling the food business from there. 

Further, she has added more taste and flavor to the food business and she is dealing with the traditional snacks and sweets as well. Rajasthani food she is making is now in the high demand and during the festivals; people love to order her food. Therefore, the demand for her food also increases in several folds at the time of social gather and wedding season. Her cooking skills and management skills have made her a successful businesswoman. She efficiently manages her food business now. Her monthly revenue has crossed the figure of four lakh and her venture is improving with every order every day.


Next, the venture has started only a few years ago but the depth of the success lies in the years of the kitchen experience of Abhilasha. Further, she belongs to a place where she got good exposure, taste, and training about the Rajasthani Meal. She got enough chance to enter into a depth understanding of the taste and food. 

Moreover, she was also indulged in the food making process in her child, which left a long-lasting impression on her mind. She also shares the experience that she could hardly think beyond the mesmerizing work of chopping, blending, stirring, and other cooking-related activities. She used to work with her mother and aunts. This background makes her perfect for the food business.  


To sum up, in this way she got her training in making, preparing, and inventing new dishes in her childhood. Furthermore, she got good encouragement to establish something on her own from her parents as well. Therefore, She made her a confident woman and owner of a food business that earns well every month. Her true potentials were unlocked after her marriage when she got a good response to her Facebook post. Her husband supported her without any conditions.


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